Best Affordable Cosmetic Brushes

October 29, 2011 in Makeup / Skincare

When I was first getting into makeup I thought the more expensive products were always better. Years later, I realize that, while there frequently is a correlation between price and quality, the correlation coefficient is not 1.  Cosmetic brushes were an item I struggled with for a long time. On top of not knowing which brush to use for what, the brushes were so expensive that I tried to use one or two brushes for everything. I’ve since discovered the brushes at Coastal Scents, and figured I’d share for anyone who has yet to try their products.  These are far better than the Sephora brushes I used to use (that were 3-4x more expensive)!!

My favorites:

Let me know if you’ve used anything else from them! My sister has used their eyeshadows and says they’re great, but I’ve yet to try.

J. Crew Pencil Skirt Reviews: Double Serge vs. Super 120’s

October 27, 2011 in Clothing Reviews, J. Crew Reviews

I had the hardest time choosing between the No. 2 Pencil Skirts. The double serge wool is so nice and stretchy. Its thicker and definitely helps keep you warm when the weather cools off. On the other hand, the super 120’s is a great all-season skirt with a beautiful drape. Both skirts come in petite sizes and a variety of colors, including a beautiful neutral camel color.

From the front it’s obvious that the super 120’s skirt is a little bit shorter, but still work appropriate. I think this is my ideal skirt length. Unfortunately, while the super 120’s skirt fits at the waist, its too small in the thighs. I’ll need to size up to a 2P for this skirt. On the other hand, the double serge skirt fits my body type wonderfully. Ideally, it would be a little shorter, but I think I’ll leave it how it is for now.

There are no big differences in the side-view. The super 120’s skirt flares out a little more, be it good or bad.

So, which skirt is better? In the fall and winter I definitely prefer the extra thickness and coverage of the double serge skirt. The comfort just can’t be beat. The super 120’s skirt is a little sexier, and would be a great spring/ summer skirt, if the 2P does indeed fit. The verdict? I think I need both.

J. Crew Blouse Reviews: Silk Lucinda + Silk Elodie

October 26, 2011 in J. Crew Reviews

I picked up a few blouses in J. Crew’s recent sale: Silk Lucinda and Silk Elodie. Both are still available and certain colors are in the sale section (+30% off!). Overall, I like both of them. Here are my fit pics and reviews:

Silk Lucinda:

  • fabric: typical lightweight silk, very comfy
  • fit: baggy throughout the middle, but would look great tucked in or under a sweater
  • sizing: I got a 00 and it fits my 32C bust. It also comes in petites and talls
  • color: i got the yellow and its beautiful!! this was the selling point for me

Silk Elodie:

  • fabric: a thicker mid to heavyweight silk. I actually love it and think its very comfy, especially in cool weather
  • fit: a little baggier throughout the middle than the Lucinda. I’m mainly going to wear it under sweaters
  • sizing: the XXS fits me fine. Also comes in petites and talls
  • color: i got the off-white, so nothing too special here, but it does have a nice tint

More J. Crew reviews to come, including the No. 2 pencil skirts (double serge vs. super 120’s), vintage thermal tee in stripe, faded chambre popover, cafe trousers, and Mona Pumps (vs. Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps!!)