Wear a Helmet

August 22, 2011 in J. Crew

Freckles in April has had some fun challenges, but I’ve been too busy to take part in most of them. I was browsing my daily blog reads on my iphone at work (when nobody’s watching, of course) when I came across the most recent challenge: monochrome. It sounded like fun, and SURPRISE! I got off work early. So here are my pics (before I go take a nap…)

PS. If you know anyone who rides a motorcycle, please tell them to wear a helmet. Everyone’s scalp looks much better when its attached. Why is wearing a helmet not a law?? Ugh, too much trauma surgery.

Cardigan: J. Crew (similar); Top: J. Crew (similar and also very pretty), Pants: J. Crew (similar);
Necklace: J. Crew (similar); Sandals: Abercrombie (similar)

J. Crew Shirts Sizing

August 21, 2011 in J. Crew Reviews

This is a quick post for Kelly at Alterations Needed. J. Crew’s sizing can be all over the place, so hopefully this can be a good reference for J. Crew’s Perfect Shirts. The bottom shirt is J. Crew’s perfect shirt in suckered mini-gingham in 00. Middle (green) shirt is their stretch perfect shirt in xxs.  The navy shirt on top is Ann Taylor’s silk shirt in 00p.  For me, J. Crew’s shirts fit better than the AT ones because they’re a little bigger in the bust and a little smaller in the waist. The stretch shirts definitely run smaller. Sadly, I dont have the J. Crew petite shirts to compare them to because I like my shirts to have a little more length.

I can do a follow up post with fit pics if it would help. I’m thinking of doing comparison shots for all of the brands I own (only AT, J. Crew & H&M, I think). I’ll try to throw in measurements, too.

Thrifting Failures

August 19, 2011 in thrifting

Inspired by bloggers’ thrifting successes (like Annie), I thought it would be a great idea to see what the thrift stores around me were like. Note: this is how I spent my only afternoon I get off in 2 weeks. Summary: failure. Reasons:

  1. Prices!! What do people not get? If I can get the same item for just about the same price at a retail store, why would I get it at a thrift store and have to dry clean it? $12 for a pair of cotton slacks from GAP?
  2. If the item has a bad odor, perfuming the entire store into some sort of gas chamber does not solve the problem. It just aggravates my allergies. No thanks.
  3. Um, I know WI is a fat state, but is there nobody my size? All three stores I tried has very limited small sizes. I literally did not find any skirts in my size. None.
  4. I’m not a designer snob, but when the thrift store claims “designer clothes,” I was hoping to see more than forever 21 and AE.

On to the not-so-exciting OOTD. I think this had potential, but my I-haven’t-slept-in-nearly-two-months eyes did not help the look. Thank goodness I have to do another 28 hour shift tomorrow. I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if I had a free weekend.