December 2011 Shopping Goals

December 1, 2011 in Monthly Shopping Goals

I hate December. But not as much as I hate January, which doesn’t even have the holidays to make up for its nastiness. These months are cold and dark. I must shop to maintain happiness… Kidding. My cc couldn’t handle that. It could barely handle this crazy month of Sephora and J. Crew sales. Luckily, by the second half of November I was too busy to even try to shop.

Recap from November:


  1. Knits – Well, I picked up the Vintage thermal tee in stripe ($30) and the Pintuck lace top x2 ($30). I love them both!! Reviews here.
  2. Loafers – I bought the Tweed studded darby loafters and loved them!! Review here. I ended up returning because of the price. I picked up black Cece ballet flats for $35 to fill my black flats void, but they were too small in my smaller of my 2 sizes. Bummer.
  3. Sweaters – Yes! I got a few: Rugby stripe cashmere sweater in navy and flame ($110 each, J. Crew popbacks, review), Waffled cashmere zip sweater ($60 from Ebay), Cashmere V-neck sweater ($40 from Ebay), Cashmere Shawl collar sweater ($30 from Ebay). I got a few others, but ended up returning for one reason or another.
  4. Pants – Oh sure. Got the Cafe capri in wool houndstooth ($60, J. Crew popback, review), Waverly chino w/ flannel lining (LOVE!! $65 from J. Crew), and Café capri in wool houndstooth ($100, J. Crew). Review.
  5. EXTRA Surprise!! My perfect nude pumps- J. Crew’s Mona Patent Pump. Love them. Review here. Sadly, all of the Mona pumps fit differently and I can’t find another comfy pair.

Really, after this crazy shopping month, what do I need? Or want?  Not much, I hope. This month with be very low-key, I think. Luckily, I dont have a lot of holiday shopping to do. And even if I did, I don’t have time to do it.

December Wants:


  1. Burberry Scarves. I know its an investment, but I think they would get used a ton. I might go for a low to mid range substitute first. Ebay has a lot of good options!!
  2. J. Crew Cafe Capris. You’d think I got enough J. Crew during these past few sales. Never!!! Lol, still lusting after their cafe capris in wool check and solids. And if they come out with more flannel lined chinos, those would be lovely, too.
  3. Loafers. One day.
  4. Tights. I dont seem to be wearing my skirts at all. Hopefully I’ll get motivated if I buy a few pairs of tights.
Happy December, to anyone who enjoys this month (other than the holidays, of course!!)

Review: J. Crew Elena Studded Pumps

November 20, 2011 in J. Crew Reviews, Shoe / Boot Reviews

Elena Studded Pumps in desert pink, (48974), 6h – I love the color and the style of these. They run a little big, so I would get my smaller of my two sizes (6). I’m just going to return these right now and perhaps repurchase if they go on a much better sale. But honestly, they are pretty uncomfortable, so I dont know if I would get them again. Maybe if there were cheap enough?


J. Crew Waverly Chino with Flannel Lining Review

November 17, 2011 in J. Crew Reviews

>If I could, I would wear fleece pants everyday from November to April. Sadly, someone determined that fleece isn’t work appropriate, but similar fabrics are. Like velvet, for example. Fine. So I guess the next best thing to wearing fleece or flannel pj’s to work is wearing flannel lined pants, like these J. Crew ones. Sure, they’re not overly flattering, but rolled up to capri length, they’re acceptable. The flannel adds a little bulk and the cut of these is definitely not slimming. But sometimes comfort is a little more important to me that fashion.