The Remaining Warm Days

September 5, 2011 in Joie

I’m not usually a dress person, but since its starting to cool down, it seemed like a good time to pull out the summer dresses (all 3) and give them one last wear. This joie dress is great and so crazy comfy. I used Jenn’s belting strategy to give it some structure. Loved how it turned out. I did have to loosen the belt after dinner, at which time the dress looked a bit maternity, but its okay. Hope everyone had a great long weekend!! (I’m working from 6am-8pm today, so I’m jealous of everyone with today off!!)

Dress: joie; Cardigan: J. Crew; Belt: J. Crew; Shoes: Charles David; Necklace: J. Crew

Long Lost Love

September 3, 2011 in Paige

The title is a little dramatic. All I meant was a brand of jeans- Paige, to be specific. Paige was my first brand of denim that I fell in love with. They are so simple and flattering (like on Kelly!). When I was fluctuating between a 24 and 25 I ended up selling all of my too large pairs, but never found any other ones to take their place. I was recently frequenting Evilbay and decided to esnipe a pair of Laurel Canyon jeans. Five days and $18 later I had a pair of great fitting, worn in jeans. Not bad!!

Sweater: J. Crew Cashmere (similar); Top: Cache (here); Jeans: Paige Lauren Canyon (here);
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump (similar); Chanel Jumbo Flap

PFC 10

August 31, 2011 in Petite Fashion Challenge

This challenge is to take traditionally summer pieces and make them appropriate for fall. I only own one sundress, and despite my efforts, couldn’t make it fall appropriate. Then I tried the shorts and boots look- not good. I don’t know how people look so cute doing that!! I just look like I’m confused about seasons. I figured I’d take the easy way out and use my sandals as my “summer item.” I wear sandals until it it drops below the 40′s. I know its a little funny, but I just love having my feet free instead of cramped into hot, blister-forming shoes. I threw on these cords I got from J. Crew ($19.99 in size 24 short). I absolutely love these pants, and wish I got them in every color. They aren’t super-flattering, but they could be worse. They are so comfortable though, and the colors are amazing!! These will definitely be getting a lot of wear!!

Top: J. Crew (similar); Pants: J. Crew (here); Sandals: Abercrombie (similar)