August 16, 2014 in Ebay Finds, LOOKBOOK

For the past few weeks I’ve found myself frequently browsing eBay. I’ll do it while walking the halls, standing in the cafeteria lines, waiting for elevators… you know, those types of things. I’ve only run into a few doors and corners of walls… completely worth it!! I’ve found some awesome items! This outfit here is made up of all pre-owned items (…well, except the shoes). The top just came recently. Its stunning in person, I love it. Its by Narciso Rodriguez and was 50-something dollars- I’m still surprised I found it for that price! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect work shirt. And these Gucci pants were at the same price point. They were a bit big when they came, but a wash and hot dry fixed that… (not recommended).

plaid tank top
Narciso Rodriguez top, Gucci pants, Alejandro shoes, Fendi bag
Outside of workout clothes, nearly all of the clothes that I buy now-a-days are work appropriate. Because I work all. the. time. And having work clothes that look good and fit comfortably make me feel more confident and put together (=slightly better day). I’ve had my eye on a few pretty pieces this summer, but I’ve been put-off by the prices (hence the eBay obsession)! Hopefully with fall around the corner there will be some decent sales to get summer stuff moving to make room for new fall arrivals.  Two items have been sitting in my J. Crew cart for ages (come on J. Crew!). The first is this plain white tuxedo shirt. I love a crisp white shirt. But paying full price for it seems ridiculous (I’ll probably get a stain on it within its first 5 wears anyway), but its mine as soon as it finally hits sale! The other item is the Elsie pump in every color that’s not sold out. I originally bought the kraft brown and fell in love with the pump’s comfort and simplicity. I really don’t want to pay full price for another pair, but I’m happy I did for the first (was actually meaning to get a price adjustment later on, but they’ve since sold out).

black and white plaid
Another item that’s been on my summer wishlist is a comfy d’Orsay flat. The first pair I ever saw were the ‘Nina’ flats by Vince. At first I wasn’t a fan, but the more I see them, the more I want them! In the land of d’Orsay flats, Manolo Blahnik definitely takes the price for the most flattering shape. But that price tag… ouch. I was hoping J. Crew’s version would be a more affordable alternative, but reviews are starting to come in and they’re saying that the comfort just isn’t there. So those will be a pass. The search will continue. It’ll probably be snowing by the time I find the perfect pair…

There aren’t too many other items that I’ve got my eye on, surprisingly. Granted, I haven’t been browsing my regular blogs and retails sites much because I’ve been working a lot recently (and like I mentioned, the time I do spent on the internet is browsing eBay). But, fall is just around the corner, and I (and many others) love fall clothes! Sweaters, scarves, boots… oh so cozy. But I’m in no rush for summer to end. Winter and I are not friends.

Happy… what day is it? Saturday? Happy Saturday :)

On eBay lately

August 4, 2014 in Ebay Finds, LOOKBOOK

I’ve recently become a bit frustrated with retail store offerings and have turned to eBay to see what deals are out there. So far I’ve found a few great items, and I have a few (or more than a few?) more on the way! One of my favorite items thus far is a basic Celine cardigan (similar to these). Its my second black cardigan, but I wear my other one so often that I justified getting another one! The sweater is probably at least a few years old, but its in great shape. Its silly that a ## year old sweater is holding up better than my two month old J. Crew sweaters (these were the worst, literally had to fabric shave them so often that the once-opaque material became thin and sheer). Why is it so hard to find quality knits now-a-days (at a reasonable price)? I’ve found that so many knits are either 1) itchy, 2) “sheer,” 3) have crap stitching, or 4) pill like crazy.  Its so frustrating.

cutout sleeves
Speaking of knits, this Michael Michael Kors sweater is another recent eBay find. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on the hunt for some easy-to-wear knits for a while now. While appreciate the simplicity of the majestic long sleeve and turtleneck tees that I recently acquired, I also love when a top has something interesting to add- like cutout shoulders. These shoulder cutouts add a beautiful drape to this top (they can even make a plain tee look gorgeous!). And, most importantly, this fun detail doesn’t require me to wear a strapless or low back bra. I mean, I’m lucky if I feel up to putting a regular bra on instead of my much worn sports bras. If a top required a special bra it’d never make it out of the closet.

monotone black
Continuing with the cutout theme, I’ve become quite intrigued with cutout backs. Nothing crazy now (seriously, I know you know my style isn’t very adventurous), just a little peek of skin on the back. I haven’t found anything that’s just right yet. I’m looking for something similar to this A.L.C. top, but with a heavier drape and closer fit. Maybe such a thing just doesn’t exist.

wool skinny pants
Oh yes! Before I forget. A note about these pants. In the midst of all of my pants frustration, I splurged on this pair by Dsquared2. They need a trip to the tailor to make some small adjustments (slimming the leg and taking them up an inch), but wow, let me just report how awesome they are compared to the usual wool pants I’ve tried. My favorite thing… they’re not itchy! I didn’t know wool pants could be non-itchy? I guess so. And, even better, they come with a partial lining on the front thigh for ease of walking- no rubbing or pulling. I love them.

I’d be totally willing to splurge on another great pair of designer work pants, but the problem is, I can’t find another (at least in the <$300 range). Its tricky. While “designer” can equal high quality, it doesn’t always. And I almost want to say that many of the “middle-end” designers have displayed deteriorating quality. I mean pricey brands like Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Helmut Lang, Tory Burch, Vince, etc. Fabrics are getting cheaper. Cuts are getting less flattering. And fabulous details like the ones I mentioned above are being left out. On that note, back to eBay I go…


July 26, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

This past month I’ve been taking advantage of my new “PGY2″ status by picking up some moonlighting shifts. Sure, this means I have even less free time than usual, but it means I have some extra spending money! So I’ve been a bit more lenient with my clothing/ shoes spending recently. Most things are in the return pile, but I have found a few items that meet the quality/comfortable/flattering criteria. The first two items were last minute add-ons to my Nordstrom order of workout clothes (FYI, Zella leggings are just as great as the 1000 reviews say). I mentioned before that I’m really running low on knit tops, so I grabbed the white long sleeve tee and black long sleeve turtleneck by Majestic. These are expensive for plain shirts, but oh my gosh are they flattering! And the material is so soft and comfortable. These are the boring types of shirts that get excessive wear because they’re just so versatile. Hopefully they hold up well to washing!

more stripes
Ann Taylor shirt, J. Crew pants, J. Crew shoes, Celine bag
My other I-didn’t-know-I-needed-these purchase was these pumps from J. Crew. They’re called the Elsie pump, which must be the next version of the Everly. J. Crew shoes are hit or miss for me. These Elsie’s are definitely a hit… they’re so comfortable! I actually wore them to work this past week without any attempt at breaking them in. After 10+ hours of walking around the hospital I still had no foot pain and no blisters. I’ll probably throw a foot petals in the bottom like I do for all of my pumps, but they’re even fine without it. I’m for sure getting these in other colors when they hit sale! And I hope they have a sale soon, because they just came out with adorable flats! Love the scallops on the Harper flats (but comfy?), and have been looking for a comfy pair of d’Orsy flats like these for months! I’ll post better reviews when I have a little time. For now,  off to bed! Have a good weekend :)