Try These Recipes!

March 12, 2015 in Food

I like cooking and baking in general, but every once in a while I get really really into it. That’s been the case for the past couple of months now, as evidenced by my Pinterest, which is now organized by food type so I can easily find what I’m looking for (because I’m obsessively organized). I know I don’t typically talk about food too often on this blog, but there are some recipes that are just too good to not share!

I’d like to start with this Roquefort Pear Salad. I’m totally not a salad person what-so-ever. But I made this salad for a small dinner party the other day and it was delicious! If you need a safe go-to salad, check it out.

Next up are these Orange Cranberry Coconut Muffins. These were one of my first attempts at paleo baking. They’re so yummy and are not unhealthy, as muffins typically are! They do call for coconut flour (I use this brand or this brand) and coconut oil (I use this brand), which were a little unusual to me at first, but definitely worth investing in.


Another recipe that you have to try is this Butternut Squash, Arugula and Bacon Quiche. I made this for a party last year and it got rave reviews! I’ve made it about 15 times since :) The flavors in this blend perfectly together. I make substitutions occasionally like using Canadian bacon or adding extra garlic (because I love using the garlic twist)… it always comes out perfectly!

The last recipe that I need to share with you is this Spinach and Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Bake. This isn’t the healthiest of recipes unless you make some modifications, but even with the healthier modifications it still tastes amazing! If you’re not a spaghetti squash fan, this will definitely make you think twice!

Sorry about this food detour for the blog, but if you try these recipes I hope you find them as amazing as I did. What have you been cooking or baking recently? Any good ones?

Heating Up

March 10, 2015 in LOOKBOOK

I know some people tolerate… or even like winter here in the Midwest. Not me, no no. Every winter I struggle to maintain any bits of warmth (and sanity). Hot yoga and I become even closer friends. I turn the heat up in my studio to 75-80 degrees just to un-thaw. And when it gets really bad I even allow myself a trip to the tanning salon (about once every few months, I know, its bad). Notice my not-so-subtle burn? Bah. But today, it finally warmed up. It was amazing!!

American Retro Cardigan; John Richmond Shirt (similar in a different colorway), J. Crew Pants, J. Crew Shoes (loving the backless version), Fendi Bag
All anyone was talking about today was how nice the weather was! I clearly am not the only excited one. Warm weather is just so motivating. For the first time in many many months I have the urge to wear something that doesn’t involve toasty pajamas (or layers of scrubs… same thing). I’m craving bright colors… but “settling” with fun patterns (because my color craving is always so temporary!). I’m loving ikat prints, like this comfy sweater and these adorable sandals. Those patterns just make me undeniably happy! Of course, spring always makes me crave beautiful but subtle and versatile floral prints, like this casual tank or this wear-to-work shell. And not exactly a pattern, but gentle metallic-y items are on my radar too, like this linen tee. Hopefully I can grab some extra shifts in these upcoming months to have some extra spending money!

I suppose I should go to sleep. Motivated to blog on a work day… see what I mean about warm weather motivation? Crazy! :)

My Most Worn Shoes

March 3, 2015 in LOOKBOOK

I just started my taxes yesterday. Tax season always makes me a little more money conscious. On top of it being tax season, I just bought a new (used, of course) car. The combination of these two things is making me hesitate before each and every purchase. Especially non-necessities. For instance, I really want to make a few new (winter-y? spring-y?) additions to my closet to help get myself through these dreary months (because it doesn’t get nice here until around… When? May? Ugh.). I’ve worn and re-worn my winter items so often. But new clothing purchases are just so hard to justify! Even with gift card money. Bah.

Easy Petite Looks Blog
This anti-spending mentality makes me even more determined to only buy and keep items that I love. I’m starting a substantial closet cleanout right now to make some room and money for potential new additions this spring (I’m only allowed to spend as much as I make selling for the next year… all of my other funds are already accounted for!). When I think about what in my wardrobe gets the most use, a few things come to mind. We can start at the bottom, I suppose (and do a post on the other stuff later!). So shoes. I get a ton of use out of all of my Elsie pumps. I wear these at least 50% of the time. The suede versions are stunning and hold up surprisingly well. My leftover gift card money might eventually have to go to the rose blossom color. But the leather version is also great. At first I thought these would be less comfy than the suede, but I was wrong! They’re perfect. I regret not getting the misty green when they were on sale for just over $100 a few weeks back (I was still in the winter-colors-only mentality, I think). Because I can’t handle heels every day (although sometimes I try), I have a few pairs of super comfy go-to flats as well. AGL is still my favorite brand for flats. Nothing beats their basic ballerina flats. Oh my gosh comfortable. If I ever have any extra money (or find some on eBay), I’m going to snatch up their pointy toe version, which looks a bit more streamlined. My other favorite flats recently (also pointy toed!) are Vince’s Nina flat (got mine for 70% off, now 45-50% off) and J. Crew’s Harper Cutout flat. Both are beautiful and comfy, although the Nina Flat did require some break in time. I think I might grab some pointy toe mules when warmer weather hits (either this tassel version or a woven version like these).

Easy Petite Looks
How about you? What are your most worn (and likely most comfortable) shoes? Have you tried the ones I mentioned? If so, what have your experiences been with them?