My 7 Most Worn Items

March 22, 2015 in LOOKBOOK

I have a bit of OCD when it comes to organization. I organize everything… desk drawers, the refrigerator, my makeup bag… the closet doesn’t escape my obsessive compulsive tendencies. Its crazily (or wonderfully, depending on how you look at it) organized. One way I maintain organization is by storing my to-be-steamed clothes on the far right side of the closet. Now, I’veĀ  been doing a lot of closet cleaning and wardrobe evaluation recently. And I’ve taken note of the items that are constantly on the to-be-steamed side. So, I figured I’d share those items with you, my 7 most worn items.

chunky white sweater
Item 1: T by Alexander Wang long sleeved gray tee (current versions in dark gray and light gray). Nothing is easier to wear than a comfy gray tee. My particular top is a few seasons old, but I love it all the same and wear it all the time. The AW shirts are so soft with great shapes. I love to wear them to work with some black pants and heels and loosely tuck in the front for a relaxed business casual look.

Item 2: J. Crew chambray shirt (here, and a perfect version by their sister company). I’ve been a fan of chambray since it became popular again a few years ago. I wear mine tucked in with black pants for work pretty frequently. I also layer it under sweaters in the winter and roll up the sleeves and wear it with a pair of distressed shorts in the summer.

Item 3: YSL black cardigan (nearly identical version by Miu Miu). I bought this cardigan pre-owned from eBay a few years ago (buying a new designer cardigan is so expensive!). Its a super soft cashmere silk blend with the most stunning drape. This is another piece I wear to work quite often. I typically pair it with an interesting patterned shell like this one, and some black trousers for a dressier, more professional look.

Item 4: Citizens of Humanity Racer Jeans in slash wash (here in slash, also love them distressed slash and washed out). I’ve always had a difficult time finding comfortable and flattering jeans. I’ve gone through a lot of pairs. I only have a few pairs left now, and my favorite of them is the Racer cut by COH. I really like the skinny-but-not-too-skinny cut, and the pocket placement is nice and flattering. The only problem I had with them was having to hem them (got them right above the ankle), and now they’re perfect. Just to be clear, I don’t steam my jeans. They just get stores on the other side until I give them the once-over to make sure they don’t have stains. ;)

Item 5: White tank tops. You can’t have too many white tank tops. There are plain wear-alone ones (I have this one… completely opaque) and dressy wear-alone ones (like this stunning crocheted one). I wear them most often with a patterned cardigan and colorful pants for work (I count gray as colorful :p), or just with jeans and a loose cardigan when I’m off.

Item 6: Black cropped pants. I remember when cropped pants first came out. I loved them, mostly for the fact that I didn’t have to hem them. I started out with J. Crew’s Minnie pants, and wore them to death through medical school and the first part of residency. After that I decided to branch out a bit. Since then I’ve picked up mostly pre-owned pairs on eBay and brought them all to my tailor for some hemming and such. I have a few pairs now and wear each of them regularly. Since I wear them so often I’m always on the lookout for my next pair.

Item 7: Equipment signature shirt in black (here). Like every other blogger, I totally fell for Equipment’s signature washed silk shirts. I used to have a few too many of them to justify, so I sold most of them and kept only my favorites. My most worn color is, of course, black. I love that the black in this blouse is soft, almost like a deep gray. It allows me to pair them with a pair of black wool pants and black shoes for a chic and easy monotone look. Perfect for my Monday laziness.

Spring Closet Cleanout

March 15, 2015 in LOOKBOOK

Spring closet cleanout? Check! I’d been feeling less and less satisfied with my wardrobe over the past few months, so I’m incredibly happy that I finally took the time to clean it out! I’ve sold about $500 worth of used clothes and shoes so far, and still have quite a bit more to go (might just end up donating). But that extra $500 is just what I need for a little wardrobe refreshing this spring.

Helmut Lang Shirt (apparently Helmut Lang is now available at discount sites like 6pm, good to know), Donna Karan Skirt, J. Crew Pumps (sold out in camo, but available in adorable spring-y patterns like retro lemon and natural indigo), Celine Bag, Burberry Brit Trench Coat

I don’t know how it happened, but I seem to be missing a lot of wardrobe basics. Like knit tops. I went through a phase where I preferred button down shirts over knits (especially this every-blogger-must-have-it shirt). While I still like those shirts, I sometimes just prefer the comfort and ease of knits. I appreciate basic knit tops, but I love the ones with interesting details! I’m a huge fan of cowl necks and drape-y shirts, but good ones are hard to come by. Helmut Lang does have some beautiful ones out (this cardigan is one stunning example), as does Rick Owens (although he’s also known to overdo the drape sometimes… done right vs. too much). But their prices are just too high to justify, so I typically have to turn to eBay if I want to add one. Easier said than done to find a good one, though.

plaid skirt
I think I’ll have to make a plan for how I should spend that extra money, otherwise $500 will get me a surprisingly little amount! Maybe I’ll just go all pre-owned to make the money go farther? We’ll see. How do you feel about buying pre-owned? Worth the hassle?

Try These Recipes!

March 12, 2015 in Food

I like cooking and baking in general, but every once in a while I get really really into it. That’s been the case for the past couple of months now, as evidenced by my Pinterest, which is now organized by food type so I can easily find what I’m looking for (because I’m obsessively organized). I know I don’t typically talk about food too often on this blog, but there are some recipes that are just too good to not share!

I’d like to start with this Roquefort Pear Salad. I’m totally not a salad person what-so-ever. But I made this salad for a small dinner party the other day and it was delicious! If you need a safe go-to salad, check it out.

Next up are these Orange Cranberry Coconut Muffins. These were one of my first attempts at paleo baking. They’re so yummy and are not unhealthy, as muffins typically are! They do call for coconut flour (I use this brand or this brand) and coconut oil (I use this brand), which were a little unusual to me at first, but definitely worth investing in.


Another recipe that you have to try is this Butternut Squash, Arugula and Bacon Quiche. I made this for a party last year and it got rave reviews! I’ve made it about 15 times since :) The flavors in this blend perfectly together. I make substitutions occasionally like using Canadian bacon or adding extra garlic (because I love using the garlic twist)… it always comes out perfectly!

The last recipe that I need to share with you is this Spinach and Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Bake. This isn’t the healthiest of recipes unless you make some modifications, but even with the healthier modifications it still tastes amazing! If you’re not a spaghetti squash fan, this will definitely make you think twice!

Sorry about this food detour for the blog, but if you try these recipes I hope you find them as amazing as I did. What have you been cooking or baking recently? Any good ones?