July 26, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

This past month I’ve been taking advantage of my new “PGY2″ status by picking up some moonlighting shifts. Sure, this means I have even less free time than usual, but it means I have some extra spending money! So I’ve been a bit more lenient with my clothing/ shoes spending recently. Most things are in the return pile, but I have found a few items that meet the quality/comfortable/flattering criteria. The first two items were last minute add-ons to my Nordstrom order of workout clothes (FYI, Zella leggings are just as great as the 1000 reviews say). I mentioned before that I’m really running low on knit tops, so I grabbed the white long sleeve tee and black long sleeve turtleneck by Majestic. These are expensive for plain shirts, but oh my gosh are they flattering! And the material is so soft and comfortable. These are the boring types of shirts that get excessive wear because they’re just so versatile. Hopefully they hold up well to washing!

more stripes
Ann Taylor shirt, J. Crew pants, J. Crew shoes, Celine bag
My other I-didn’t-know-I-needed-these purchase was these pumps from J. Crew. They’re called the Elsie pump, which must be the next version of the Everly. J. Crew shoes are hit or miss for me. These Elsie’s are definitely a hit… they’re so comfortable! I actually wore them to work this past week without any attempt at breaking them in. After 10+ hours of walking around the hospital I still had no foot pain and no blisters. I’ll probably throw a foot petals in the bottom like I do for all of my pumps, but they’re even fine without it. I’m for sure getting these in other colors when they hit sale! And I hope they have a sale soon, because they just came out with adorable flats! Love the scallops on the Harper flats (but comfy?), and have been looking for a comfy pair of d’Orsy flats like these for months! I’ll post better reviews when I have a little time. For now,  off to bed! Have a good weekend :)

Post-Vacation Burnout

July 19, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

Do you ever find that you actually feel more burnt out after your vacation than you did before it? That’s the situation I’m having now. I was doing ok a month or so ago. And then on our “mandatory unpaid week” I did some relaxing… perhaps too much? Because when I started working again I immediately felt exhausted! I thought it would pass (it takes a while to get back into the regular routine), but it still hasn’t. Granted, its been an exceptionally busy month with only two days off so far.

Ann Taylor top, J. Crew pants, J. Crew shoes (OMG comfortable, still available in silver), Vintage Fendi bag

Putting on real person clothes this month has been a nice change, though. I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job of mixing and matching my closet. But now I’m starting to notice holes in my wardrobe. One area I’m lacking is knit tops (somehow most of my closet turned into silk shirts).  I made two $10 additions to my closet that have already added a lot of versatility. One is the top I’m wearing in these pics. I could probably mix this top with many colors, but I love the way it looks with the fatigue green. The other top I love is a regular scoop neck tank but in the most vivid, beautiful papaya color.  I think the color actually made me happier every time I looked at it! I’m grabbing a few other cheap sale knits to try now, too. I’m excited about this vintage-y coffee stripe tee, this rolled sleeve one in a deep eucalyptus color, and this simple, comfy black tee.

Vintage Fendi in Python

While finding knit tops is easy, my ongoing issue has been finding pants or jeans that fit and are flattering and comfortable! I’ve had some successes (with some caveats). The best fitting pants I’ve found is Ann Taylor’s Modern Knit Slim Pants. I have these in navy and black and they’re both extremely comfortable and flattering. What I don’t know how to handle is the length. They’re full length pants and I never figured out how to wear skinny/ slim full length pants with shoes… I typically take everything up to above-the-ankle length. I might need opinions? As far as jeans go, I only had two pairs of jeans in my closet (one J. Crew matchstick crop from last year and one AG stilt from a long time ago) and I’ve been buying and returning like a mad woman trying to find another flattering pair! I ended up with Citizens of Humanity Racer jeans in Slash. Holy flattering (very good for the bum, just read the reviews…). And an amazing wash! They also come in a stunning dark wash and a young distressed wash… we’ll see if either of those go to sale! A few other pairs of pants are on my radar yet, but I’m not sure what I’m actually going to try.

Oh, and did you find anything ant Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale? I know a lot of people love this sale, but I wasn’t able to find too many things I was excited about. I am taking this opportunity to try out some Zella leggings finally! I couldn’t decide what pair to try initially, but I’m going with their classic ‘live in’ reversible legging. They also come in the capri length, but I have enough plain black capri leggings. The only other thing I was interested in was a cozy pullover that I can throw on over leggings from Beyond Yoga (never heard of them, but just found out they have maternity yoga clothes… good to note for the future!!). Did you pick up anything?

Achieving Completeness

July 11, 2014 in getting healthy & staying healthy, LOOKBOOK, Yoga

Once in a while, one of my many yoga instructors teaches a philosophy that really intrigues me. Such was the case recently. This instructor lectured on the philosophy of how to “achieve completeness.”  She explained that many of us think that, to become complete in life, we must achieve x, y and z (career, house, wardrobe, car, spouse, kids, etc…). I know that mindset all too well. I can’t count the times I’ve thought, I’ll be happier if/when… fill in the blank.  She argued that this mindset will not be successful. Instead, we should learn to let go. What does she mean by that? She encourages us to let go of tangible things (think negative people, anxiety-provoking websites like facebook, or items that cause distress like yoga shorts that emphasize cellulite) or intangible things (think distressing thoughts of negative comments from others, scenarios that went unfavorably, or any of the many what-if cases we obsess over…) that don’t contribute to our happiness and sense of completeness.

Spring Plaid
I suppose that’s enough yoga philosophy for this largely superficial shopping blog. I feel like I should have some life-changing purchases or something to share after those words, not just my usual fretting about this or that item. Oh well, oh well. I’m not deterred!!

I first wanted to bring up Athleta, because they’re having their spring/ summer sale. If you’re looking to try out some new workout gear, take a browse. I ended up with the Shimmy short (amazing reviews, more for casual use and to/from class) and Cosmic chaturanga shortie (love the print and slightly longer length than my butt cheek showing Lulu Boogie shorts). I know Nordstrom is having their Anniversary sale, and I’ve been waiting for it to finally come around so I could pick up some Zella stuff on sale. Surprisingly, not a whole lot made it to sale! I might pick up these Lulu-copy capris, (not even on sale), but I’m going to hold off for now as I don’t need more crops at the moment, partially because I have a rather substantial Sweaty Betty order on its way to me (excited to try out this brand!). Maybe I should put together a large athletic apparel review seeing as I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the stuff over the past year. If only there was a little extra time in a day! Have a great weekend!