Finally, some exciting new purchases!

November 19, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

Mmmmm, back to the diurnal life. I actually prefer working in the hospital at night. But night shifts mean 70 hour work weeks, and that gets draining pretty quickly. I just finished my last shift on Monday morning, and spent Monday catching up on “life things” (finally!). I though if I stayed awake on Monday I could fall asleep and stay asleep Monday night… no such luck. I managed to fall asleep at 8pm but was wide awake at 2 am. Bummer. I did get some amazon shopping and house cleaning done, though. I guess it was a half win? But coming back to work on Tuesday was rough. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

Burberry Olive Trench Coat
Burberry Coat, Majestic Shirt, Mother jeans, Jimmy Choo Shoes, Celine Bag
I’ve made some awesome new additions to my closet recently, which has partially made up for life being so blah. For one, I picked up my pants from the tailor. Six new (well, pre-owned, actually) perfectly fitting pairs of pants! Yay! I’ve also been impressed with a few J. Crew offerings recently, and I’ve made a few items permanent residents of my closet. I mentioned in my previous post that J. Crew was likely going to put out some new Elsie Pumps… and they did (you know how in love I am with my suede versions, which seems to be selling out crazy fast!). J. Crew just came out with a black and white pattern version, which is going to be perfect to dress up my basic black outfits… I plan on wearing these tomorrow. :) They also came out with a full leather version. I have to say, these are gorgeous, and I anticipate they’ll be quick to sell out, too.  I got the gossamer peach ones, which are more pink than the blush stone version, but are just as stunning. I bought the misty green color too, but I’m not sure I’ll keep them. They are so so pretty, I’m just not sure they would get enough wear. Instead I got the light gray ones to compare. Aaaaaannnndd, I’m still debating getting the metallic camo pair. Gosh, they’re pretty. But what to wear them with? I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the same thing. This is a ton of new shoes. Its pretty ridiculous, but after wearing another pair of these all day today and having no foot pain, these shoes are worth it to me. Honestly they’re the most comfortable pumps I’ve found.

Jimmy Choo Pumps
Beyond my excessive shoes additions I have made just a few other purchases. While in store the other day making returns I came across the boyfriend flannel shirt. I was instantly won over by the softness of the flannel. The fit is oversized, but I stuck with my regular size 0 (sometimes I size down to a 00). This top is surprisingly flattering for being a boyfriend fit. I’m looking forward to wearing it all winter! The same style also comes in a dark bluegrass colorway, which is unfortunately sold out in my size. I’ll be on the lookout for it if/ when it pops back into stock! Two soon-to-be purchases are the oversize stripe turtleneck and the brushed wool funnelneck sweat shirt. I just have to decide on what colors to get!  Mmmmmm, so cozy.

Burberry Trench Coat
Alright, enough shopping talk. I should really take some ambien and try to get to sleep before I really turn into a daytime zombie. I can’t wait to take some outfit pictures again with the new stuff! I haven’t been this excited about purchases in ages… it was about time!

More Night Shifts

October 30, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

Night week #1/3 – done. It wasn’t so bad. For me, the worst part of working nights is the lack of quality sleep… I’m the worst daytime sleeper ever. And after a few days of crappy sleep I go into a constant state of zombie, stumbling around, tripping over my own shoes, running my shoulders into walls… that sort of thing.  Today I was walking home with groceries and I somehow tripped and kicked the paper bag in my right hand. The whole bag ripped in half. My groceries scattered. And my artichokes vanished (no artichoke chicken tonight… sad). Similar acts of embarrassing clumsiness have happened at yoga (especially during inversions), but at least there have been no injuries.  Yet.

Graphic Print Tee
Prada Cardigan (pre-owned), Givenchy Top (pre-owned), Barbour Scarf (pre-owned), Faux Suede Leggings (old), J. Crew Shoes, Fendi Bag (pre-owned)
I posted a while back about my first retail purchases this fall. I don’t have a lot of keepers so far (only one, actually), which is good! I knew I was going to like the J. Crew Elsie pumps in blush stone (the same style pump that I’m wearing in these pics), but I didn’t realize how much I would like them! Their color is absolutely perfect for me (more nude than pink), they’re stunning. I can’t decide if I want them in a 6 or 6.5. The ones I’m wearing are a 6.5, but the new colors seem slightly larger (or maybe its just my pair?). I’ve ordered a 6 to compare. Honestly, I love these pumps so much I might get two pairs of the blush stone, as crazy as that sounds. Its so hard to find pretty pumps that are comfortable enough to wear all day at work.

givenchy top
The only item I still haven’t received is J. Crew’s Chateau parka, but some reviews have popped up saying this runs large. I’m assuming my usual 00R will be too big, then. If that’s the case, I might exchange for a 00P and see how that goes. Or I might totally switch gears and look for a puffer instead. I love the classic look of wool coats, but I almost always reach for my synthetic jackets over them. My Arcteryx winter coat doesn’t make it on the blog, but I wear it almost daily in the winter. Its the warmest coat I’ve ever found (I’m always cold), and its comfy, non-restrictive and easy to clean. Perfect for now, but one day I’ll upgrade to a Moncler coat similar to this one. But not soon. I’ve decided that there will be no big purchases until my car fund is >10k. Maybe I should moonlight more… :)

givenchy shirt
Back to work again tomorrow after a couple of days off. Just in time to for Halloween at the hospital (aka, people getting too intoxicated –> fighting or passing out –> being brought in by the cops)! At least costumes will make it more entertaining. Have a fun Halloween (just not that fun).

The Really Difficult Patients

October 20, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

For my entire short medical career I’ve worked with underserved populations. This presents a few challenges. I initially had difficulty with the typical “narcotic-seeking” patient. They can be threatening and manipulative, not surprisingly. But after many of these interactions, they’re no longer especially difficult or stressful. Sure, I don’t appreciate the conflict, but I don’t go home upset about it. The patient’s that I find incredibly difficult are… let me see how I can explain this.

Many of my patients have close to nothing (or, well, nothing). Maybe they did drugs or alcohol, maybe they still do. Many are homeless. Some have recently been in jail or prison. A few of them have family or friends, but often times the relationships they have with others are less than ideal. So. A patient like this comes in with chief complaint X. You listen to them, encourage them to talk openly and support them instead of judge them (illegal activities and all). You work up their complaint and tell them what’s going on with their health. They seem reassured. Then, you tell them that you’re worried about them, want them to succeed, and want to support them in any way you can. Wow. You can’t believe their reactions. That’s when you realize how much it means to these patients to hear that someone cares about them (I don’t know how many people I make cry after saying this). Its so damn sad to know that sometimes, you’re the most encouraging, supportive person this patient has.

Most of the time we’re too burnt out to be able to handle this extra emotion, as sad as it is. I’m stressed about the upcoming month of nights I have… burnout happens so quickly.

 plaid 2
Phew, enough emotion there. Back to superficial land! It seems like every recent post features pre-owned clothes. Well, this one is no exception! I just love this Donna Karan skirt that I picked up recently (I think it was $30-something dollars?). I have a thing for patterned skirts… they almost seem more versatile than solids. I’ve been eying these plaid and paisley skirts, and will likely pull the trigger on those as the season goes on.

plaid skirt
Its been super easy to browse pre-owned land this fall because it seems that anything and everything is “in.” I’ve seen all sorts of styles and patterns. Its nice. One thing I am having a difficult time with, though, is finding a new bag. Its been a really long time since my last bag purchase, and I’m down to only three bags now. I’ve been hoping I’d just “come across” the perfect bag, but it hasn’t happened. It it wasn’t so expensive, I would have already gotten Gucci’s Jackie bag months ago. I love the shape, love the simplicity, and love the stunning colors it comes in. And I also love that its not as well known as many other bags (like my Celine, or Prada’s saffiano lux tote, Fendi’s 2jours, essentially any Chanel bag, etc), although I do like many of those bags as well. For now I’m going to keep looking and searching for a good deal. I can’t quite justify anywhere close to retail for these lovely bags.

Alright, well, back to work. I hope you’re having a nice fall! Take care.

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