Re-sale Trends

May 25, 2014 in Ebay Tips, LOOKBOOK, Resale Trends

I used to sell on eBay all the time during college and med school. Money was always tight. If something was sitting in my closet unworn, it was quickly sold off to fund the next purchase. But then residency started and I 1) had a livable income, and 2) didn’t have a lot of free time. So eBay selling was put on an indefinite hold. And the items built up (in my studio, cluttering my tiny space…). Just this week I finally gave in and spent a valuable off-day listing everything on eBay. I listed about 40 items in total. Since I really just want everything gone, I listed my items for cheap so they had the best chance of selling quickly. Success. So far I’ve sold over half of my items, and have made over 1k.

Trends I’ve noticed selling this year:

  • Best selling items: Lululemon! Wow, these all sold in hours! Some items literally sold in seconds. I definitely could have listed them for more. This encourages me to buy more… 😉
  • Worst selling items: Pretty much all casual wear. I’ve hardly sold any J. Crew, even at ridiculously low prices. Jeans – even $200+ AG jeans – not selling. Elizabeth & James, Inhabit, Paige, Rag & Bone… all not selling well.
  • Overall sales: Down. Its well known that selling in the summer is slow. It typically picks back up in the fall. But, as more and more re-sale sites are popping up, I wouldn’t be surprised if sales continue to be slower than in past years.

Re-sale trends 2014
 Given these trends, I’m even more encouraged to do these things: First, I’ll continue to spend money on workout gear. I wear that stuff all the time (under scrubs, as casual wear and to my daily yoga). I love buying from Athleta because of their great customer service and “give it a workout guarantee.” I haven’t needed to sell anything from them because of this, which is really nice. I have a few items from them that I adore, like the Ahimsa top and Scoop neck cocoon sweater (both able to be dressed up and worn to work on casual days). But for the majority of my workout gear I still rely on Lululemon (and their awful return policy). Their items really are hit or miss for me. Some stuff is amazing, like the power-y tank (I wear one of these nearly every day now… because I’m too lazy to wear and wash regular bras now-a-days). But other stuff just doesn’t work out for one reason or another. Its reassuring to have the option to sell it for a good price if its just not cutting it after a few wears.

What to buy
And the other takeaway from this would be to stop buying so much junk. I’ve talked about this over and over again. I’ve actually been doing really well at curbing my impulse buys, more likely due to decreased free time than increased self control (there are admittedly a few buys and returns, too). I’m thinking about my purchases for longer now before buying, and only really buying (and keeping) pretty basic pieces that are comfortable and fit well. My only recent purchases have been J. Crew’s sleeveless drapey top in pesto, their stretch suiting tank in white (its rare to find an opaque white tank), and almost.. it could still happen… the gorgeous falsetto cross-stitch pump. I haven’t seen a pump that stunning in quite some time.  I also grabbed a few Ann Taylor basics this weekend at 40% + 25% off (with ANNWELCOME6). I’ll try them, but most will likely make it back to the store (Mixed media tank, White pants #1 and #2, Silk cotton cardi and Evie leather pumps). Given these shopping strategies, don’t expect to see any exciting outfits on this blog!! 🙂

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is nice and relaxing (if you’re lucky enough to have off)!