Postpartum Fitness Journey – Weeks 1 & 2

If you follow my instagram, you know that I gave birth to our little girl two weeks ago! I haven’t gotten around to posting her birth story (or anything else) yet, but we’ll get there. Things have been a bit crazy!
Postpartum Belly Week 1 & Week 2Now lets talk about these first couple of weeks! Like I mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to dedicate these first two weeks to recovery and bonding with the new baby. I was fortunate to have had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, and I actually felt, well, not terrible after delivery. I was optimistic that I’d recover quickly. Little did I know that the little one would refuse to sleep at night at all, and I would spend the first 4-5 nights awake trying to comfort her (with little success, she was ravenous and my milk hadn’t come in). Not surprisingly, around day five I ended up getting sick. Nothing serious, just a cold. But even a cold hits you hard when your body’s worn down. Between taking care of myself and the baby, I barely gave my postpartum mushy body any thought. I barely wore the belly band I bought (that I was determined to wear constantly), I ate whatever I felt like just to get enough calories in, and I had no guilt about the fact that my daily “exercise” consisted of walking up and down the stairs a few times per day.
Postpartum Fitness After BedrestAs the two week mark approached, my cold symptoms improved and I started to feel better. My milk came in and breastfeeding was becoming easier. The baby started sleeping a bit better at night, and I made sure to take a nap during the day if I was feeling worn down. I started to eat better (mostly!) and drink more fluids. I’d like to say I wore the belly band, but it wasn’t too comfortable so I ditched it, even though it may have been helping. On day 14 (when it was ok with my OB), I rewarded myself with my first hour away from the baby and did my first hot yoga class in almost four months! Holy crap, I’m weak and stiff. But I know it’ll get better. I think I’ll spend the next week or two strictly doing yoga for exercise before starting anything more intense. As much as I want to push myself, I know I need to take it slow to prevent injuries. And honestly, I don’t hate my postpartum body as much as I thought I would. Its different, yes. But I don’t mind it, it gave me this healthy little baby.