Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks?

I can’t believe its time for another pregnancy update. Am I really 38 weeks pregnant? How crazy!! I never thought I’d get to the point in my pregnancy where I would say I’m totally ready for this baby to come anytime.
Third Trimester Winter Maternity IdeasWe did have hope that the little one was making her arrival two days ago! After 3+ hours of regular painful contractions, we decided to get checked out. When we arrived to L&D I was contracting every 2-3 minutes and my cervix was dilated to 4cm (previously 3cm). They made us walk around the hospital for the next 90 minutes, which was extremely painful, not to mention rather disgusting and embarrassing when I had to stop walking and squat or sit on the floor with each contraction. Regardless, by the end of the walk, when I finally relaxed and laid down, my contractions slowed to every 7-8 minutes, my cervical dilation halted, and we got to go home. I can’t say I was impressed by the care I received, and I’m dreading having to go back to the hospital if my nurse’s (lack of) kindness is any indication of what’s to come during my actual labor.
Third Trimester Winter Maternity Outfit

Scarf (old), Coat (one of my favorite most-worn coats… and its on sale!), Sweater (old), Pants (old), Boots, Hat (old)

These extra days of being pregnant, although not the most physically pleasant, aren’t unwelcome. Like I’ve mentioned before, it gives me an extra opportunity to do some productive things! With the basics taken care of, I’ve been contemplating my next DIY project, which I think will be a file cabinet turned litter box (just bought a $20 file cabinet from Craigslist). If any of you have cats, you know of the struggle to find a discreet place to put the litter box… somewhere where their kicking of litter can be cleaned up fairly easily (because they can’t just step out of the box, they have to run out and fling litter everywhere). I’m excited to get this project going! I’ve done a few DIYs over the past year, some good, some just ok. I’ve been meaning to take pictures and share them… I should get going on that!