Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks!!

Ten weeks ago, while hospitalized for preterm labor, I remember the OB doctors telling me how I had a very high chance of delivering our daughter prematurely. Staying pregnant until 34 weeks, although unlikely, was “the goal,” as the complication rate drastically decreases and the survival rate approaches that of a full term baby.. The stressful weeks following that hospitalization passed extremely slowly. But we got here, and I’m extremely grateful for that.

black and white pregnancy photography

I’ve felt so relieved since hitting the 34 week mark. Babies born at 34 weeks do typically need to stay in the hospital for a short while to ensure they have adequate temperature regulation, glucose regulation, feeding ability, etc. Given this, I still hope to make it to the 36-37 week mark so I can take the baby home with me right away! So, while bedrest restrictions have now been lifted, I’m still advised to take it easy. Not that I can do much anyway! You’d be surprised how deconditioned you become after 10 weeks of extremely minimal activity! I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.