Pre-Owned Deals Galore

I can’t believe I only have one more week of bedrest (assuming we make it to the big 34)! Staying “busy” these past few months has been quite a challenge. One of my go-to pastimes has been browsing eBay. Like I’ve mentioned previously, a significant amount of my baby purchases were pre-owned. Of course, I’ve done some shopping for me as well! One of the (admittedly trivial) things I was looking forward to this pregnancy was “dressing the bump” and taking bump pictures. I accepted that it just isn’t going to happen, and I gave up buying maternity clothes months ago. Instead, when I’ve been browsing eBay, I’ve been looking for things I can wear or use postpartum. I’m mostly buying clothes in my pre-pregnancy size, perhaps a size up, depending on the item (like shirts that would be tight in the chest). Over the past few months I’ve found some fun items, some of my recent favorites are below! I also found my long-time wish-listed (over-priced) handbag for a steal. Its huge, and will make the perfect diaper bag!

Finding Deals on eBay

As always, thank you for reading and thank you for your support, especially during these past few months!