Pregnancy Update – Week 22

How Far Along: 22+5

Weight Gain: No idea. Haven’t weighed myself (and have no urge to do so).

Diet & Exercise: This is going fairly well. I’m still tracking what I eat on myfitnesspal. I’ve found my body is pretty good at telling me when and how much I need to eat. As long as I don’t allow myself to have a high calorie dessert I’m usually ok. I do crave dessert, but instead of eating ice cream or something, most days I do mini desserts like sugar free jello with a crushed Oreo, grapes with whipped cream or baked banana with frozen yogurt. As far as exercise goes, I’m still working out for one hour, most days of the week. I can still handle my regular workouts (yoga or “power yoga”) with minor modifications. Although they’re getting harder, I think I’ll be able to continue them for at least another month or two.

Working out while pregnant

Maternity Clothes: Workout clothes have been my big issue recently. My pre-pregnancy ones are so tight they leave deep red, painful marks… on top of looking ridiculous. Especially bras. I’ve bought one new sports bra thus far (just a size up from what I usually wear), and it feels amazing every time I wear it. But its sold out now, of course. I have two more gorgeous bras on the way. I’m a little nervous my boobs will fall out of the first one (its expensive so I’d be happy to return it), but I have high hopes for the second. Tights are a little trickier. I don’t really like my belly fully covered, but low rise tights are way too tight around my hips/ low stomach. The only pair of tights that’s been working out so far is this Lululemon pair. I actually bought them before pregnancy and loved them then, too. Kinda a bummer that they’ll get all stretched out. Oh well. For regular, non-workout clothes I’ve just been browsing eBay. I have a few things on the way, nothing spectacular.

Raves: Overall I feel great! I’m excited to have a mini bump. Its just big enough to look like baby belly instead of chunky belly, but not so big that it really gets in the way or is hard to deal with. I can see why the second trimester is the best one! I also love feeling her move around. And her movement isn’t too disruptive thanks to that anterior placenta!

Rants: There will be some TMI in this section from now on. Fair warning. Lets start with the easy things. Back pain. Its still there, and it can get really bad. It made sleeping impossible until I got my amazing pregnancy pillow. I still have to pee all night (and day), but that’s not going to change. Heartburn and reflux are new. Its like mini vomiting. Disgusting. And then there’s the constipation. Its bad. If I don’t get it under control I’m gonna end up with hemorrhoids. Water + fiber + miralax better work. And lastly for today, linea nigra. You know, that dark line down the belly that some pregnant women get. Its starting.

belly-line in pregnancy (Linea Nigra)

Happy or Moody: Happy!

Preparation: Ben and I have not bought anything. We haven’t even started to look for baby stuff, unless looking for a new house counts?

Looking forward to: A family wedding this weekend! It’ll be busy, but I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun, even without alcohol. I’m pretty excited to have found dresses that actually fit, too (that took a lot of searching!). Also still looking forward to finding our first house. We looked at 7 or 8 so far and they were all no’s. Other than that, just kind of enjoying each day!