Pregnancy Update – Week 20

I debated whether or not to talk about my pregnancy on this blog. On one hand, its a huge part of my life, and all I really do on this blog is blabber about whatever’s on my mind. On the other hand, most people aren’t currently pregnant, and likely couldn’t care less about my prego blabberings. So, I compromised (to myself…) and decided to do intermittent (monthly?) pregnancy updates. Honestly, I likely wouldn’t be successful with weekly updates anyway. So here we go.

First PregnancyHow Far Along: 20+3

Weight Gain: Assuming I started around 111lbs, I think I’ve gained about 7-8 lbs so far…

Diet & Exercise: I’m not crazy strict with myself about diet and exercise, but I’m not letting myself go, either. To be honest, I have body image issues to begin with, and I know those are unlikely to go away as pregnancy progresses. The easiest way for me to stay on track (at least right now) is to continue doing what I did before I got pregnant (because it was working!). Essentially, I try to make healthy food choices when I can, and I track everything I eat on the myfitnesspal app (adding calories per OB recommendations). It works, it just takes commitment. As for exercise, I’m still able to do my pre-pregnancy workouts (with the exception of crunches and such). They’re getting harder, but I’m not ready to give up on them just yet!

Maternity Clothes: I’m in the minority here, but I needed maternity clothes (especially for work!) before I even had a bump (I got wider before the bump grew outwards)! Little did I know how expensive maternity clothes were, and how hard it was to come by something decent! I first turned to J. Crew, who (thank goodness) didn’t let me down, despite their small collection. The Maternity Martie Pants seemed the most promising, and I didn’t hesitate to get myself a pair (on sale for $46!). I’d never tried the non-maternity Martie Pants, although now that I look at them I don’t know why not (they apparently come in cotton or wool and a ton of colors… they actually look quite lovely). Anyways, the Maternity Martie Pants were lifesavers. They fit beautifully in my regular J. Crew size (OP) and are perfect for work. I’ve worn them over and over (and they have room for growing). After that little success I turned my focus to eBay. I’ve mainly searched for maternity jeans (like the AG ones I’m wearing). I typically pay $30-50 per pair, which isn’t too bad considering the retail price for these things. I’ll start to search for dresses and shirts as the bump grows (either maternity or sized up non-maternity)

First Pregnancy

T by Alexander Wang Shirt, AG jeans, J. Crew Shoes (love them!), Prada Bag

Rants: Just a few. First, back pain. I have been dealing with this for months and I think its finally starting to get better. Or I’m getting used to it? I dunno. Second rant is sleep, or lack thereof. It sort of goes along with the back pain, but not totally. Its just so hard to get comfortable! I think I need a pregnancy pillow or something. And a foley, because I have to get up to pee about 3-4 times per night. Maybe overactive kidneys and bladder is rant three.

Raves: I’m finally showing a bump! You can’t really tell in these pictures, but its there… just a little bit. I’ve finally had people comment on it, so I know its not just in my head. And my other rave (for now) is feeling her move. Yes, its a she! 🙂

Happy or Moody: I’m typically pretty darn happy. I sometimes struggle with stress and moodiness, but that has nothing to do with being pregnant.

Preparation: As for tangible preparation, I’ve done absolutely nothing. Instead, I’ve been working on… myself. You know, working towards being the “best version of myself.” That’s been a focus of mine for a long time, and its too complicated for this already-too-long post!

Looking forward to: Hmmm, lets see. We’re in the midst of house-hunting and I’m pretty excited about that! I’m also looking forward to starting some DIY projects, reading, blogging, cooking… you know, having hobbies again!  Oh yes, and we have a mini-vacation coming up to California for a family wedding! So many things!!

J. Crew Sadie FlatsI think those are going to be my main topics for “bump updates.” I’m leaving out things I find boring, like what my belly button is doing or if I’m getting stretch marks yet. Your welcome.

Have a good week!