The Recovery

I notice a few things happen by the end of each ward month. One, my hair is a mess. Seriously, check out those ends. Two, I put on fluff weight, probably from stress and eating when I’m not hungry (because cafeteria food is readily available and is actually quite good…). Three, there is absolutely no food left in my house, because I eat 100% of my meals at work. Four, my house is a dirty disaster. Ugh. Five, I realize I have no idea what has been going on with my family or friends, and I can’t remember if the last time I talked with them was 2 weeks ago or 2 months ago. I’m sure there are other recurrent themes, but these are the ones that come to mind.
So the first week post-wards is always a recovery week. I essentially review the damage, make plans and get to work. This was my last week. The main focus of last week was getting back into shape. Sometimes this is easier said than done, yes? The working out part is no problem. I only need to motivate myself to get into my car and drive to class. From there I don’t even have to think, just follow directions (this is why I love workout classes, so much easier than working out alone!). Its the eating well part that eludes me. And my pinterest board can only provide so much inspiration. Maybe its the warm weather that makes cooking seem less appealing? Regardless, I’m sticking with super easy options for now. Like zucchini tuna cakes (made these before, they’re perfect) and zucchini pasta with creamy avocado pesto. I’m clearly a fan of zucchini! Black bean brownies might be coming, too. If you’ve never had success with these, definitely try Chocolate Covered Katie’s version, she makes the best healthier desserts.

May 2016 2
Vince Sweater (vince makes great oversized knits… I am in love with this speckle stitch sweater, but its still way out of the price range); Current Elliot Jeans (I buy most jeans, including these, on eBay for around $30); Bernardo Sandals; Celine Bag (or the more sturdy phantom version)

An added benefit of getting more fit is having more luck when trying on clothes (usually)! I’m starting to think about what I’m going to pack for our three week Europe get-a-way. Typically, I don’t put too much effort into packing. But such a lengthy trip requires a bit more preparation, especially since lighter packing = more peaceful travel. I’m probably going to do something really boring like bring mostly black. What a horrible blogger I am. But really, a predominately black wardrobe is so classic and allows for easy matching. Plus, wrinkles and stains are minimized (important if you only have a few items and are clumsy like I am!). I’ll have to start my eBay search for cheap classic black blouses. It shouldn’t be too hard. Bottoms will be a bit more challenging, I think. I peeked over at J. Crew for the first time in a long time. I love the wider leg cropped trousers now-a-days, they seem so flattering and much more comfortable than the skinnies that we’ve all been dealing with for so long! I added a few to my 30% off order today, the cropped wide leg pant in heavy linen (linen can be so hit or miss, but these have been getting good reviews), petite patio pant in bi-stretch cotton (nearly 5/5 reviews, high hopes for these), and the petite wide-leg ponte pant, when they come back in stock. Maybe I’ll do reviews if I get out of my lazy rut.
the basicsWell, only a few more days of residency left. I have clinic tomorrow, a presentation on Wednesday, but then nada for the rest of the week (studying doesn’t count as work anymore)! And I’m so so excited for this weekend. I finally get to see my family. Its been over 6 months already. And then on Saturday one of my favorite amazing friends is getting married!! I’m so looking forward to celebrating with them. Anyway, thank you for reading, I hope you have a good week 🙂