Long Gone

I meant to post the rest of my Jamaica pictures sooner. But residency took over… Again.

Luli Fama Swim Suit, Most Flattering Bikini Ever

Spending 14-15 hours per night in the medical intensive care unit this past block was ridiculously draining. I quickly went from completely relaxed to not eating, not sleeping, and always on edge. But its over! Last week was my final 100+ hour work week (of residency). How crazy is that? Almost done!! These last three months of PGY-3 year will be much more laid back. I’m so ready.
Wine and Sunsets

I’m feeling a bit burnt out, so I’ll post a lot of pictures but not a lot of words! Just to summarize, the pictures are all in Negril, Jamaica. We stayed at Idle Awhile and Hide Awhile and would recommend both of these places (just note they had adorable cats and dogs running around, so if you’re not a pet person you might not appreciate that!). We ate at some great restaurants (per Trip Advisor reviews) – Just Natural, Ivan’s Bar & Restaurant, Murphy’s West End, Rockhouse, Best in the West and a few others I can’t remember. We didn’t do much else, just relaxed on the beach (favorite bikini ever). Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Hide Awhile in Jamaica
Just Natural in Jamaica
cat 1
Just Natural in Jamaica
Eberjey Swim SuitThe View