On the Beach

The winter wasn’t that bad this year. I know this. The fall went on and on and it wasn’t until December that winter took over. But the combination of suddenly frigid sub zero temperatures, permanent overcast and working only nights for months really took a toll on my mood. I talk a lot about what I prioritize in residency, because trying to “do it all” will burn you out faster than you knew possible. These past few months took that to an extreme. Nearly everything was put on hold. I would do a “life in the day” post for how life is during nights, but it would be super boring. This sums it up:

  • 3:30pm: wake up, put on yoga clothes, drive over to the studio
  • 4:00pm: yoga! change and drive home
  • 5:15pm: shower and get ready for work. make oatmeal, a smoothie and coffee (yeah, the same thing. every. single. day.)
  • 6:15pm: drive to work
  • 6:40pm: work. eat breakfast, look up what happened to the patients i admitted the previous night
  • 6:55pm: get signouts, start making to-do lists, pull up the “awaiting admissions” list, start admitting patients, gets 32835 pages and try to reply to most of them, run to a “code blue” and hope its a fake, eat and drink coffee when able, try to get a 10 minute nap in but get paged the minute i close my eyes
  • 7:00am: start signing out to the day teams, go to the cafeteria to grab food for the following night, pack up and go home
  • 7:45am: home. clean up a bit. feed, water and clean up after the animals. get ready for bed
  • 8:30am: sleep

If that doesn’t sound like a great time, then I don’t know what does.
SW boots

Burberry Brit Coat (prefer the fit of double breasted versions like the Daylesmoores), J. Crew Tights (wish they were more subtle like these, but they were like $4), Stuart Weitzman Boots (60% off in the saddle color here), Fendi Bag
So after not seeing much of each other for a few months, Ben and I thought a do-nothing vacation was a good idea. We never have an easy time choosing a place to go for vacation (we have serious indecision problems in most areas of life, actually). Last year we eventually decided on the Cayman Islands and had a great time. But we both wanted to try something new. So, after a ton of procrastination and a good amount of Trip Advisor browsing, we ended up booking a trip to Jamaica. It was a good choice.
Stuart Weitzman Rockerchic BootsI’m writing this post on the last day of vacation. If I’d had more time I would have felt compelled to better prepare for the trip. But I’m glad I didn’t. We’ve spent the past week with no itinerary. No plans whatsoever. We wake up without an alarm, eat when we’re hungry, sit beside the ocean when we want some sun, read in the shade when we get bored (or are too burnt to handle more sun…) and go to bed when we’re sleepy, even if its 9pm. Its perfect. Maybe on future vacations, when we’re less burned out, we’ll make extensive plans and do cool things… maybe. Winter CoatFor this trip, one thing I was better about than usual was taking pictures. The scenery is beautiful and the culture here is so unique. I have lots of photos to go through and edit (and eventually post)! I unfortunately didn’t have a ton of extra spending money to get bunches of beautiful new clothes for the pics. I’m totally obsessed with crochet dresses on tropical vacations (probably thanks to bloggers much more fashionable than I am). Melissa Odabash dresses (like the Alexis and Tiffany dresses) are so incredibly stunning, but unfortunately out of the budget for now. But, I did successfully find a $30 knockoff on eBay (similar to this one), which I wore again and again. So if you wonder if I really wore the same thing over and over this trip, the answer is yes, lol.