Jamaica – Part 1

I knew it would be a challenge to come back to work after a whole week of vacation. It always is, right? Maybe its because I completely ignored everything medicine-y, but coming back after this vacation was especially difficult. I felt like all of my skills had dissapeared! My brain was painfully slow and forgetful (I even forgot my ID the first day, which has never happened). And everything I did took twice as long as usual (perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but not much). I’m just getting back into the swing of things.
White Crochet DressI have a few posts planned to share some pictures from Jamaica. Jamaica is such a great place to travel, I definitely recommend it. We spent the entire time in Negril in the beaches and cliffs areas. Both are so beautiful. The beaches are more active (loads of tourists sunning themselves, Jamaicans walking up and down the beach trying to sell this or that, lots of local music and strolling musicians, etc). Its peaceful, but lively at the same time! The cliffs were more secluded and relaxing and had more interesting food to try nearby, and we made a pretty good effort to try a new restaurant every day while there. It was well worth it! Jerk chicken. Yum.White Crochet DressLike I said in my previous post, I made picture taking somewhat of a priority this trip. I kind of envy full time bloggers in their beautiful expensive clothes looking amazing in their vacation photos. I know my pictures will never look like that, and that’s ok. Blogging isn’t my job and doesn’t make nearly enough money to justify such spending. I actually had a pretty tight budget for my pre-vacation shopping and opted for a few pre-owned dresses and accessories, and a few new pairs of sandals. Works for me!
White Crochet Sun Dress

Joie Dress; Celine Cabas Bag; Volcom Sandals (try these, so comfy!)
All of the dresses in these pictures are pre-owned, bought in the past few months. More often than not, this white crochet dress was what I threw on (the cheap alternative to my favorite Melissa Odabash dress :)). As for the other stuff, I picked up the Celine Cabas Tote on eBay a while back for an amazing price, and decided to make it my vacation bag (and now my every day bag, its lovely)! For sunglasses, I bought an old scratched up pair of Tom Fords (also on eBay fairly recently), which are probably too large on my head and make me look like an insect. But that’s ok. I otherwise brought a scarf that was a gift this past Christmas (it reminds me of a LV scarf, but has a bit more character), and some jewelry from my tiny collection (I wore the same two rings, bracelet and necklace the whole trip).
Navy Tiered DressThe only things I bought specifically for the trip were sandals and swim suits. I’m super picky about my sandals because I tend to blister easily. It took a whole lot of review reading to finally decide, but I ended up with Volcom’s Forever sandal (in the top pics) and All Day Long sandal (in the last pic). They’re both cheap in the 20-something dollar range. And they are amazing. Seriously, you need them. I had no soreness, no blisters, nothing. I’m going to grab their Tipsy sandal when it gets closer to summer. I think I’ll talk about swim stuff in the next post. Gosh do I hate swim suit shopping.
Joie Geometric DressI’m completely off this weekend (yay!!!) and am looking forward to spending some time finishing up the must do things on the to do list (taxes, cleaning up the house, emails, gardening…). Maybe I’ll start blogging my next post, we’ll see. I hope you have a good St. Patty’s Day weekend. Sorry for such a long post!