The Discovery of Boots

For having grown up in one of the colder states, I should’ve naturally become a boot-lover. Or at least not a boot-hater. But let me share why this happened. So… I was kind of a weird kid. One of my first memories from when I was young is hating socks. And that translated to hating boots. Because, before the age of Uggs, you were really supposed to wear socks with your boots. But that seam over the toes was sooooo annoying! I couldn’t get over it. I even wore my soccer socks inside out. I tried and tried to put those on the right way, because wearing them inside out was not exactly “cool,” but I couldn’t make myself do it. It took me quite a few years to get over that and wear at least my soccer socks the right way. I honestly still prefer to not wear socks, (yeah, I wear flats and heels without socks in winter, as evidenced in my last post), but I’m making myself do it. Because then I can wear boots. And boots really are quite nice in the frigid Minnesota temps.
Style a Poncho

Stella McCartney sweater (from eBay… dream wishlist version); Lululemon leggings; Stuart Weitzman boots (on sale here); Fendi bag (from eBay a long time ago)
Ok, so now that I shared some of my inner crazies, I now get to share my boot love. This is the pair that started it all. We all know them, the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot. They first came out years ago and were crazy popular. They were also crazy expensive! So I waited a bit and eventually found them on sale (maybe a year or two ago?). I love them and wear them all the time. They are perfect for work. I love them so much that I got the quilted version as well (… on eBay for less than $100!). This year I was determined to expand my teeny boot collection. I fell in love (serious love) with SW’s Highland boot. And Lowland boot. These are essentially the new 5050. They are gorgeous… and crazy freaking expensive. Like, absurdly expensive. And not on sale anywhere. I thought about what I would have to do to afford these. But I couldn’t come up with enough. The price just isn’t justifiable right now. So I looked for alternatives. And decided on SW’s Rockerchic just today. They’re fairly similar to the 5050 in style. I got them in the fossil color because they are 40% off, although if the praline color was on sale I’d have opted for those. Either way, I’m super excited for them to arrive!
Style a Poncho

The thing is, for the next few months, I won’t really be wearing boots. I won’t really be getting dressed at all, beyond scrubs. Starting on Monday I have two straight months of night shifts. Month one is MICU nights and month two is regular medicine nights (yuck). By the time I get to dress like real person again it’ll practically be spring! At least those Rockerchic boots will look adorable with spring sweater dresses and such. And I suppose I have many Minnesota winters ahead…