Finally! My First Job

I’ve fallen a bit behind on blogging. I’d been putting my energy elsewhere… towards finding a job! These past few months have been filled with researching hospitals, filling out applications and heading off to interviews (which sometimes felt like interrogation sessions…). Nothing about that was difficult per se, but it was certainly stressful. Especially during the long waiting period before anyone was offering positions. But it was worth the effort, I think. The group I signed with was so friendly and supportive, I really felt at home there. I’m excited to finish residency and start working! Only about six more months to go…

burberry coat

Having a job figured out is such a relief and opens a lot of free time back up so I can start doing other things again! One thing I’m most looking forward to is reading a good book. Seriously, what’s better than sitting by the fire with a cozy blanket, chai tea and a good fiction novel? Maybe reading on the beach with a cocktail, but since that’s not possible, I’ll settle for the former. I also need to get back into cooking! I’m not sure how successful I’ll be in that since I still am working a lot and I eat most meals in the hospital. But I’ll try. I also need a good closet update. Its been quite the struggle to dress up recently, which isn’t uncommon for me in winter anyway. I excelled (hehe 🙂 ) at amping up my shoe collection after I discovered the Sloan flat (I have them in 4 colors and am still angry I missed out on the special edition ones). The addition of those shoes made getting dressed super easy – just throw on some dark ankle pants and a sweater and you’re good to go! Unfortunately, its gotten pretty cold and am sick of my feet freezing. My 5050 boots from a few years ago are getting a lot of love now. I’m a bit obsessed with the gorgeous Highland and Lowland OTK boots, but will have to either sell a bunch of stuff or pick up a few extra shifts to pay for them. But those are boots I’ll wear and love for years, so its almost justifiable.

burberry green military coat

Burberry coat (they’re having their winter sale now, worth a look!), ? leggings, J. Crew shoes, Fendi bag
Oh, there’s so much more on my wishlist (or sitting in my cyber carts) just waiting for sale… and for my bank account to bulk up! If I pull the trigger on another coat it’ll likely be J. Crew’s Chateau Parka. I have last year’s version and love it. Its probably J. Crew’s best coat, so I doubt it’ll actually make it to sale, but we’ll see. There are a few Burberry coats on sale (and they’re having their winter sale), but I don’t think I want to spend that much. I’ve also been waiting for forever for Madewell’s Shirttail skirt to get marked down. I’m hoping it’ll be as versatile as the last skirt I got from them (I’m usually not a skirt person, but those are so flattering). I’m overdo for adding some extra over-sized shirts to my closet too, but my wish-listed stripe and plaid ones refuse to make it to sale.

There are so many good sales that I have yet to browse. Like Ann Taylor’s 60% off everything (as good as it gets!), or Yoox’s extra 25% off everything (not many people use Yoox, but I like it). Maybe I’ll get there. Or maybe I’ll just start browsing and give up after a few minutes as usual. Anyway, I hope you had some good time off, have a wonderful week!