Productive Staycation

There’s nothing better than a traveling vacation, ideally to somewhere warm and beachy! But sometimes a stay-cation is necessary, either because of that lack-of-money thing (check), or the have-too-much-to-do thing (check). I get obsessively productive when I’m stuck at home for days. Maybe its because I’m so used to keeping busy in my free time… since I don’t have much free time. I mean, as it is my laundry builds up, floors get super furry, car is nice and dirty… I’m sure you get the idea.
With winter coming, I started to get the desire to add more plants to my house on vacation day one. I’ll be honest, I’m a plant person. Not just a “lets put a plant here or there” person, but more of a “the more plants the better” person. This one is my favorite new addition.

decorating with plants
Its apparently called a lipstick plant in case you want one! I have even more plants on the way, too. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. I might make one of those terrarium things. My TJ Maxx had some similar to these at a much cheaper price, I might have to go grab some. I also have yet to get into hanging plants, but it will come! I wonder if the jute hangers look too hippy… or acceptably hippy? Basic hanging ceramic pots are always pretty, too. I don’t know if I’m brave enough, but Anthropologie temps me to try out some wall planters too, like their adorable animal wall planters!

What next… blankets and pillows! You can never have enough of these, pretty and functional! I’ve been doing some updating to almost all of my blankets and pillows around the house. I got those Moroccan style pillows a while back (they have a cooler toned version now and the “wedding pillows” which are gorgeous). I spend a little more on the pillows (on sale) and grab matching blankets from TJ Maxx. I’ve spent way too much time in this spot!

moroccan blankets and pillows

What else? Oh yes, I painted and furnished my basement… more on that later! I got a trailer hitch and car starter put on my car (ready for winter!). I did more relaxing yoga classes and allowed myself to do some related reading. I’m reading The Power of Ashtanga Yoga right now and am listening to the Great Courses series on Buddhism. Both super interesting and definitely a good addition to my life.

yoga books

To help finance some of this stuff I moonlighed an extra 7 shifts this month (5 were overnights–> yuck) and I did a fair amount of selling on eBay. This is what my dining room looked like (I’m sure Ben loved it).

selling on ebayWell, now its back to work. Its going to be a hard month. The Q3 call stuff gets pretty tiring pretty quickly. Plus I’m on the job hunt and have a good amount of interviews planned. Its so exciting to finally be thinking about working… but its just a little stressful, too. Hopefully the hunt will come to an end in the next month or two! Anyways, I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for reading my blabbering 🙂