Finding a Job

These past few weeks have been filled with all sorts of job-search related activities. Researching area hospitals, building a resume, finding references, chatting on phone interviews, attending in-person interviews… its a lot! But its actually kind of fun. And it makes me realize that residency won’t last forever, and the “real world” is just around the corner (finally)! I don’t think there’s any way to get around feeling at least a little bit stressed about finding a job, though. I just try not to become too attached to anything. I do the best I can and believe that I’ll end up somewhere that will make me happy. Why worry about something you can’t control, right?

Burberry London coat (pre-owned), AG stilt jeans (pre-owned, seeking the black version), J. Crew pumps (available in a ton of colors and prints), Fendi Bag
With the job hunt well underway I’m starting to make time for other things again. Like making myself presentable (thank goodness for everyone, lol). There were a few months there when I just didn’t want to do anything. Makeup? Ugh, maybe some concealer. Wash/ brush/ style hair? Too much work. Wear anything other than scrubs and workout clothes? Why?? The stuff just seemed to take too much effort and I couldn’t force myself to do it. I’m not the only one that gets in that rut, right?
plaidBut I love autumn. Everything about it, including fall fashion. So I’ve been doing more shopping… 🙂 Of course I bought more shoes (more shoes?!?). My favorite summer flats were J. Crew’s Sloan flats. I love them and I finally got them in black (to wear with my interview suit). While I was at it I grabbed the Gemma glitter flat and Suede d’Orsay loafer flat. These definitely live up to their 5/5 star reviews! Gorgeous and comfy right out of the box. I also have my eye on more Elsie pumps (the same style I’m wearing in these pictures), but I’m going to wait for a better sale. I have my eye on these beauties.
plaid4I suppose there’s (slightly…) more to fall fashion than shoes! My go-to everyday outfit is tailored skinnies, flats or heels, and an over-sized shirt. Madewell has been my best friend for the shirts! Their oversized flannel shirt is my favorite new addition. Holy soft and comfy (and it looks adorable with a striped shirt underneath like in this pic)! The striped version and a slimmer plaid version are sitting in my cart waiting for sale (already tried them on in store, I stick with my size xs). I’ve never been a huge Madewell shopper, but I’ve had surprisingly good luck recently. My favorite non-shirt purchase was this asymmetric skirt. Its crazy flattering and yet perfect for work. I wear it in a 0. Definitely recommend.
plaid 3As usual, the majority of my purchases are pre-owned. Like most of what I’m wearing in these pictures. I grabbed that unique Burberry coat for super cheap this past spring and have been waiting eagerly to wear it! I have a few other fun pre-owned purchases I’m hoping to share soon, too. I love shopping pre-owned. It can be a bit of a hassle, but there are great deals to be had and you won’t find anyone wearing the same thing, that’s for sure!!