From the patient perspective

While at work this past Friday I got a call from my little sister. She was clearly upset. She asked me if I’d talked to our dad in the past week or two, because she’d been repeatedly asking him to call. I said I hadn’t, worried about what was coming next. She went on to tell me that the hip pain he was having for the past few months got worse. Worse to the point that he couldn’t put any weight on that leg and started using crutches. He saw his regular doctor. He got an X-ray – it looked bad. He was sent to the oncologist. He got a PET scan and a biopsy. My sister told me he had “bone cancer,” which I later found out was actually a transformation of his indolent lymphoma into an aggressive version that was eating away at his hip.
plaid shirt j. crew

J. Crew shirt (one double sale, also adore their fall-colored version), Dsquared2 pants, J. Crew shoes (suede version is still available and just as crazy comfortable); Celine bag
I tried to keep working right after hearing the news, but my brain wasn’t functioning so well. I’m extremely fortunate that my residency program understood what was going on and gave me leave to be with my family. Over the following days I really got to see the other side of medicine. Back to back procedures, tests, labs, office visits… its intense. In less than a week my dad will had an entire workup, pre-op and initiation of chemotherapy. Its overwhelming for me, and I actually understand everything!

My dad did a great job of keeping busy to keep his mind off of everything. I tried to follow suit. The times we weren’t at appointments and such I deep cleaned what I could at their house (I’m a touch on the obsessively clean side). I made or bought food to fatten my dad up before post-chemo nausea arrived. I picked up prescriptions, set up pill boxes, made sure he had the right OTC meds, mouthwash, etc. I got a lot of productive online stuff done while hanging out at the hospital. I did a fair bit of reading, some eBay selling, some email catch-up. I also relaxed at points and did a little shopping. I wanted to find something at J. Crew’s site because I have a ready-to-spend gift card and there’s 25% off store-wide. But my indecisiveness was killing me. I really only wanted the black suede d’Orsay loafers. I have the Sloan flats and adore them and initially contemplated getting them in black as well as my cabernet, but I love the extra flare of the loafers. But the loafers are excluded from sale (and the previously excluded Sloan flats are now included, what??). This adorable plaid shirt and a Regent blazer are sitting in my cart, but I’ve been too annoyed to actually place the order! Instead I placed a Madewell order (also a site-wide sale running): two flannel shirts (the rave reviews are so convincing), a plaid shirt (a basic), and a funny-cut mini skirt (could work, or not).

I’m doing what I can for my family for these next few days and will be going back to work by the weekend. I’ll be transitioning to an outpatient rotation on Monday, which means dressing up again! Maybe I’ll be disciplined and actually take some pictures this time? Who knows! I’m sure everyone enjoys seeing my tired expressions and grown out hair. So stylish, ha! Take care!