Almost there

I remember back when I was a pre-med college student. My goal was to get into medical school. Finishing training and actually practicing medicine seemed impossibly far away. First and second years of medical school felt essentially the same, as most of the learning was done in the classroom. Third and fourth years of medical school were eye-opening. While practicing medicine independently still seemed far away, I was actually kind of glad for that… there were 2495325483 things I felt like I didn’t know! Then there was residency. I talk a lot about residency because it consumes most of my life right now. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m so so excited to finally be on the job search! I’m sure it’ll be a while until I sign a contract and get things settled (it seems like a long process), but its exciting none-the-less.


Maroon Flats

Inhabit tank (pre-owned, such a great buy), Majestic blazer, Prada pants (pre-owned and tailored), J. Crew shoes (love them so much that I picked up the flashier version), Roberto Cavalli bag (pre-owned)
Unfortunately, with the added commitments of the job search on top of already crazy ward hours, there hasn’t been time for much else. I usually never do sponsored posts because I don’t have time or energy for them (I barely find time for regular posts!). But a few weeks ago Dermstore offered to send me a free BeautyFix box, which is only $12.50-$25 anyway. Like I said, I typically say no to such offers, but my skin has been so rash-y and broken out for the past few months that I figured it couldn’t hurt to give new things a try. I’m probably the last person to hear about these types of boxes with a few seemingly random products in them, but they’re actually pretty nice. I’d been meaning to try Paula’s Choice skincare for a while since people have said such great things. The box had the CLEAR regular strength daily skin clearing treatment, which I’ve now been using daily. Its slowly helping my oily skin. I’m going to try the entire line with the cleanser and toner as well to see if it helps (breaking out near age 30 is seriously not fun). I also have been intermittently using the other products, but I probably won’t specifically purchase any of them again. I do have to say, I’m excited that it came with a solid sample size shampoo (a nice minty one) and conditioner – awesome for traveling with! Overall, I’m happy I tried this box and would recommend it if you’re looking to try new products.


J. Crew Sloan Flats Review Pictures

Side note, I love those Sloan flats 😉
Well, I had other things I was going to write tonight, but its already past nine and tomorrow is a call day, so it’ll be an early start and late night. Hope your summer has been going well, I just realized its September!! Crazy! I hate how fast time seems to go by when I’m working a lot. Oh well, have to enjoy what’s left, right?