Staying with it

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to exercising. I’ll do almost any type of workout, but my workout of choice is some form of yoga. I did gymnastic for a while when I was younger. I didn’t start until late elementary school so I was too old to ever be very good. But I still liked it! I enjoyed the floor the most because bars cause hand rips and balance beams and vaults are freaking scary after you hurt yourself a few times. But the floor… *sigh.* The best thing about the floor was being upside-down, whether just holding a handstand or doing handsprings and tucks. After quitting gymnastics, I didn’t realize how much I missed balancing until I picked up yoga in college. I didn’t stick with it for long, being a college student without much money. Medical school wasn’t any better as far as having extra spending money. But soon after I started residency I picked yoga back up and have been doing it since.
Of course I love practicing postures in yoga, but there’s so much more to yoga than that. Its really all about breathing. Inhaling deeply with one movement, exhaling deeply with the next. Focusing 100% on breath and clearing the mind of anything else. The breathing is the hard part, really. Especially after a long, stressful day. I’m still not amazing at it. Some days I can breathe away most tension. And other days aren’t quite so successful.
yoga3Yoga seems to be a thing now. It definitely wasn’t so cool when I started! One good aspect about it gaining popularity is the abundance of workout clothes available! Not that yoga has anything to do with clothes. You can practice is almost anything. But really, who doesn’t feel better in some flattering technical gear? I’ll admit that I’ve spend quite a bit on yoga stuff over the past few years. I hate to say it, but my favorite stuff is from Lululemon. I hate to like this overpriced company. But the stuff fits well and its nice and nice to be able to thoughtlessly grab a flow-y bra, cool racerback tank (or Sweaty Betty’s nearly identical version) and a pair of high times crops when I have to head to my 6AM class.

I don’t branch out much with tops, but I try to with leggings. Like I’ve mentioned before, I do wear my Zella leggings (or their equivalent of Lululemon’s high times), but not usually in the summer because they’re too hot. I’m becoming quite a fan of Teeki’s patterns. My classmates have looked stunning and so so slim in the deer medicine hot pant and the love the elephant hot pant. But those are such distinctive prints that I hate to feel like I’m copying them (even though I know it doesn’t matter).  Onzie is also known for their patterns, but their’s are more abstract and super colorful (which can be good or not so good). I also see ladies sticking with classics like Nike (who actually came out with some amazingly flattering prints like this striated pair) and Under Armor (which I’ve never had much luck with myself). I’ll eventually branch out more, but I’m somewhat deterred because I can resell my used Lululemon stuff much easier than I can sell other brands.


If you’re thinking about picking up yoga, I’d definitely encourage you to try it! Its so good for the mind, like I said. And I don’t think any other workout build as much strength and flexibility. If you have questions about anything from what mat to use to specific questions on yoga philosophy, I’m happy to do what I can to help!