Seems far away

During residency we get three “1 week” vacations per year. I’m not a person that’s able to relax at home (so many things to do!!!), so I try to get myself away for at least a few days of each vacation. Since summer in the Midwest is so beautiful, for Ben and my August vacation it seemed silly to spend a lot of money (that we don’t really have) to go somewhere exotic. But at the same time we knew we needed to go somewhere. We decided to head over to Northern Michigan where Ben did some of his medical school training.

Northern Michigan Wineries

We didn’t do anything crazy. We stayed at a little B&B the first few nights, which was a lovely. We woke up late and were fed delicious, healthy breakfasts each morning. They had a yoga studio where I was able to get a little stretching and meditating in while Ben was swimming in the frigid lake. We drove around and saw a few touristy places during the day, and spend the evenings at restaurants or wineries (who would have known there are tons of wineries up there?). I was excited to get to dress up a little bit! I loved my Paul & Joe dress I picked up from eBay for $34.50 (shipped!). I was also looking forward to wearing the Tibi dress I scored for $25.50 (basically a sleeveless version of this tiered Alexis one), but it just felt too dressy, maybe more appropriate for a wedding or something.

yoga eagle pose

For the last few days we stayed in a little town right on a beach-y part of the lake. We had surprisingly cold and wet weather for early August so we weren’t really able to do the hikes and such that we planned on. We did a few walks on the beach, relaxed, and drove to the nearby city for dinners instead.

Michigan in the Summer

Coming back from after day off of work is stressful, so coming back after eight days off is essentially terrifying (only kinda kidding!). Its been ok, though. I’ve already done too much shopping with my J. Crew order yesterday and Lululemon order today (couldn’t resist purple striped leggings). Time to put a halt on that shopping now and wait to see what gets returned. Have to get the returns done before my next busy ward month gets here… only 12 more days of the good life!!