Consult consult consult

I’m back on a consult service! Meaning its time to wear real clothes again. I thought I was going to enjoy dressing up… I couldn’t have been more wrong. As weird as it sounds, I’m having a hard time getting dressed. I’ve given so many clothes away because I hadn’t worn them (because I never get dressed…).  And now my wardrobe is running on the sparse side. Thank goodness my ugly outfits can be covered up by my (off-) white coat.

tibi top
I need to grab some easy-to-wear basics to fill in the gaping holes in my wardrobe before I really start to look funny. I think the easiest way to liven things up will be to add some shirts and tops (I can always wear my same gray and black pants day after day without being judged too badly). After looking at these pictures (with my lace cami hanging out the bottom), I can definitely say that I prefer long or over-sized shirts. They’re much easier to wear, but they still need to be cut right! If they’re too over-sized (like this one) they just consume you and look like you’re wearing a really big person’s clothes. If they’re cut too A-line (like this one) they add pounds to anyone that’s not stick straight. My favorite cut is fairly straight, long in the front but longer in the back with side slits so the front can be tucked in easily while the back is out (like how this one is worn). These Madewell tunic and shirt have my ideal cut, I just wish they came in something other than white! I can’t wear white without spilling on myself. I’ll await those new fall arrivals…

Tibi shirt (bought pre-owned, prefer the cut on the Tory Burch ones), Dsquared pants (from Yoox’s super sale), AGL flats (here, also love the pointed toe version, both super comfy!), Fendi bag (bought pre-owned a while back)
I think after I save up for a few new shirts I’ll invest in some new flats for fall. I used to be able to wear heels daily no problem! I don’t know what happened, maybe I’m really really out of practice. Or I’m getting too old? I’ve been wearing my flats about every other day now, so its probably more logical to add some new flats instead of more heels (honestly how many pairs of nude heels does one need anyway). I’m obsessed with these Sloan flats. I know I’ve mentioned them before. They’re the perfect cut! And they not only look super comfy, they’re also getting amazing reviews (looks can be deceiving!!). I’ll almost definitely get a suede pair, but I also am leaning towards these slightly obnoxious glitter pair. They’d bring the perfect pop of color and texture to my gray and black outfits, I think. Sale. Where are the sales? Soon, hopefully!