What is costs to dress like a fashion blogger

Fashion blogs have evolved so much over the past few years. They started off as the creative fashion diaries of everyday people. I remember browsing through my favorite blogs… inspiration galore!! Below is an outfit from one of today’s top fashion bloggers, Blair of Atlantic-Pacific. I remember falling in love with this outfit after I saw it back in 2011. I totally copied it! I bought the same J. Crew tops, H&M jacket and Pour la Victoire shoes, and put together my super similar version of this gorgeous outfit for around $100 (everything was on sale!).

What it costs to dress like a fashion blogger

Over the following years the talented (and lucky) fashion bloggers gained tens of thousands of new followers. And retailers took notice. Smart marketing executives started sponsoring bloggers to feature their products. And what logical person would say no to free luxury items and extra income? Nobody. So fashion blogs made the sneaky transition from fashion diaries to fashion ads.

Despite knowing this I still find myself looking at these beautiful bloggers and wishing I dressed like that. My wardrobe is so boring in comparison! What would it cost me to dress like them? Lets fast-forward to today and take another look at Blair’s blog.

what it costs to dress like a fashion blogger

what it costs to dress like a fashion blogger

Now-a-days she has tons of sponsored posts, like the ones above (partnered with Nordstrom). Those posts are fun to look at, for sure. But if I wanted to copy her look… well, lets see. I’d be looking at shelling out $1000 for that jumpsuitmules, and sunglasses. And the dress, purse, shoes and sunglasses would set me back $3,400. Most of the items have since hit sale or clearance, but still. Yikes.

What it costs to dress like Atlantic PacificEven her most basic of looks can set you back a surprising amount. I love her above look, but her shirt, jeans and shoes add up to close to $1k. Add on that bag, those bracelets and the sunglasses? This outfit costs more than my Honda CR-V.
what it costs to dress like atlantic pacific

Thankfully, not every one of her outfits is super extravagant. Although sort of ad-ish and clearly featuring both that satchel and that tote bag in the brand of her employing company (both gorgeous bags, at least), I love the above look. Her tee and shoes are totally affordable, and while her jeans are a bit pricier, you can easily find a similar pair on sale or on eBay.

Moral of the story? Professional fashion bloggers need to make money from their blog. And they can only make money by getting us, their readers, to buy things. Be aware that each of their posts has a purpose. And that purpose is to make money. Use their pictures for inspiration, but realize that most of us will never look like a professional fashion blogger in real life. Unless you are one. Or maybe if you have unlimited income.