That time again

In case you need a reminder, July 1st is the first day of residency for interns around the country (…stay out of the hospital). Its a difficult time for everyone. The well-intended interns struggle to learn an intense and demanding new role. And the rest of us do our very best to teach and support them. I remember my first month of residency. I was in the medical intensive care unit. I remember vividly how incredibly stressful it was – there’s no harder place to start than the MICU. But at least everything else seems easier in comparison?

pucci dress

Emilio Pucci dress (pre-owned, browse other pre-owned Emilio Pucci dresses), Steve Madden sandals (similar at NR for $17), Ann Taylor belt (similar, also love the more casual version)
I’m starting off this last year of my training in the MICU yet again (my last MICU month ever!). Its amazing how much I’ve learned these past few years! I feel surprisingly comfortable teaching our new interns and students at least the basics about ICU things like ventilator settings, performing bedside cardiac ultrasound, and placing central lines. The first few days of this month I put a ton of extra effort into teaching. But I already feel so tired and burnt out. Its going to be a struggle these next few weeks.

pucci dresss

I haven’t been doing much besides work recently. I try to make sure to relax at least a little most days. I usually wind down my day with some tea and mindless online shopping. There’s so many good summer deals to be had! Fortunately, I usually don’t have the energy to go through the checkout process! If you’re an eBay shopper, now’s the time to browse. I’ve seen seriously amazing deals, like these >$2k current Balenciaga and Givenchy bags bags sell for around $400 (I regret not bidding on the Balenciaga!). If pre-owned isn’t your thing, there’s tons of retail deals, too. The big one at the moment is Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I use this sale as an to add basics that otherwise don’t often hit sale. Basic Zella leggings are always a welcome addition (I wear an xs, they also come in high waist or capris), as are new running socks. Kind of along that theme is tights… I love spanx tights (high waist version) for fall and winter and always like to have a few guaranteed-hole-free pairs on hand. Other ideas? Nordstrom always has a slightly updated version of my favorite flats available during this sale (there’s also a wedge pump version available this time around). They always have Antica diffusers on sale (I love them, currently using the grapefruit and am trying the pomegranate, currant and blood orange this time). They have tons of home goods on sale to browse for inspiration that I’m starting to make my way through (I think home goods will make up the bulk of my purchases this year). Are you planning to browse this sale? If so, let me know what you pick up 🙂