Late to the game

Some months of residency are so busy that I end up simply going through the motions. I do just enough to get by day to day. Unimportant or non-essential things get put off. And to be honest, sometimes important things (like bills) get forgotten as well. This month turned into that scenario. Summer months typically aren’t that busy in the MICU. But for some reason the census has been much higher than usual. And that, in combination with having new interns working up there, has made life quite hectic.


Antica Farmacita diffusers: coriander/lotus/cucumber (left); pomegranate/currant/orange (right)
Throw blankets: Moroccan Dolce Throw (left); Elias Throw (center); San Juan Throw (right)
Gift ideas: Flutes, Ring, Palette (all other makeup and skincare)
Pillows: Plumeria Pillow (left); Jenny Pillow (L-center); Parma Pillow (R-center); Parma Stitch Pillow (right)
I remember getting emails about Nordstrom’s sale and thinking about all of the time I’d have to browse and think about what to buy (because I’m not a cardholder I couldn’t purchase right away). But it never happened!! I spent a little time today half-consciously (post 27 hour call yesterday) browsing the items. I didn’t get far, really. I spent most of my time searching for new additions for my home. I love fragrances and typically use diffusers because I’m lazy. Nordstrom carries a brand called Antica Farmacita that I like a lot. I’m most excited to try their coriander/lotus/cucumber and pomegranate/currant/orange fragrances. I also grabbed a few blankets and pillows. I love this black and tan plaid throw… it seems like something my dad would own. The only thing I really got for myself is some pointy toe flats. I don’t have a lot of Vince Camuto, but the things I have had were decent. Hopefully these will be as comfy as the reviews state! This sale goes on for a while yet, so I’ll probably spend a bit more time browsing (if free time ever comes back!).