Home Stretch

This ICU block is finally coming to an end. Only two more days (*deep breath*). I couldn’t be more ready for it to be over. Its been physically demanding and emotionally draining. The later is the harder part. So much grief, denial, anger, relief… there’s a limit to how much emotion I can handle!

black and white

Oscar de la Renta Top (similarly stunning crochet top), Chloe Crops (similar), J. Crew Pumps (suede version, new arrivals); Fendi Bag; Tory Burch Sunglasses
Next block should be much better, I’ll be joining the nephrology consult service. Great learning. Low stress. And I get to start dressing up again (and feel like a real person, hopefully)! It always takes me a while to get back into the swing of making myself presentable after an intense ward month. The most annoying thing is my feet’s inability to tolerate any shoes other than my go-to clogs. AGL flats are a great transition shoe. Not quite as comfy as clogs and compression socks, but almost!  After a day or two of those I can usually ease myself back into my favorite pumps, which I wear probably about 60-80% of the time. I do try to wear flats intermittently to avoid putting too much pressure on the balls of my feet. I mostly stick with pointed toe flats for work outfits. These suede ones will be my next purchase. I’m not sure when they came out, but I just saw them and oh my gosh they’re stunning!

blacks and whites

I usually do a fair amount of online shopping during my scrubs-only months so I have some fun new things to wear when I get to dress up again. I haven’t had much time to browse, but I did grab a few fun items! I’ve been loving Tory Burch patterns recently, like this geometric tunic or this floral top. No way can I afford those at anywhere close to retail price, unfortunately. But, like I always say, summer is a great time for finding deals on eBay! I picked up a Tory Burch silk shirt, Tory Burch cashmere tunic and a Red Valentino gingham cardigan (similar to this one) for about $100 total. Not bad! I’m sure they’ll show up on the blog soon. I also grabbed some shoes from Nordstrom’s sale, but they’re not at all comfy and already on their way back.

b and w

Alright. Time to go to bed so I can make it through the next two days without completely losing my last bits of sanity. *Deep breaths.* Only two more days.

Oh yeah, its Friday. I hope you have a good weekend!