Travel Mishaps!

We all intend for vacation to be a relaxing and recharging experience. I guess on one hand it is (at least work responsibilities are put on hold), but traveling is its own kind of stressful! Maybe things will go more smoothly when we have a bit more free time for planning. But as it was, there were a few hiccups!
neutrals and white pants

J. Crew Tunic (and wishlist one with +++ reviews), Celine Pants, J. Crew Shoes (best work pump), Celine Bag

Ben and I went to the Cayman Islands for vacation. We initially planned to leave on Monday May 25. So I spent Saturday May 23 packing up my studio apartment, and Sunday May 24 moving everything over to our new place and cleaning my studio so I could be completely moved out before we left for vacation. Whew. It was a crazy and pretty awful weekend, but I got it all done. At about 8pm on that Sunday night I was getting ready for our 6am flight when I got a text from Ben that read: “my passport is expired.” Hmmmm. Damn. That’s no good. To avoid forfeiting our already-paid flight and hotel reservations, we had to make a new plan quickly. We decided to reschedule our flights for Wednesday and hope that on Tuesday we could drive to the MN passport agency and get a same day renewal (Monday was Memorial Day, unfortunately). It was definitely stressful – we weren’t in the best of moods. But… success! His passport was renewed in about 6 hours and by Wednesday morning we were on our way to the Islands. We had a few other mishaps along the way (these due to my scheduling inabilities), but nothing too significant. And no crashes driving on the left side of the road!! Another Success. 🙂
neutralsWe didn’t do much on Cayman Brac or Grand Cayman. I spent most of my days in my Luli Fama swim suit (simple top but with the most flattering bottoms ever) without my hair or makeup done. I swam in the ocean, but I didn’t go snorkeling because my eyes were freshly lasik-ed and I was scared of injuring them (no insurance coverage = expensive hospital visit). When we got too much sun we just relaxed in the shade and read. My Eberjey nightshirt was the perfect thing to throw on when I wanted to be comfortable but still feel a little flirty! But I think my PJ Salvage tee and shorts got the most use, I can’t even believe how comfy those things are.  We did go out to dinner a few times when we were super hungry and feeling ambitious. Nothing was fancy on Cayman Brac and I could get away with wearing anything I wanted. But on Grand Cayman I was seriously under dressed in my little striped dress. Everyone else was wearing something more like this. But hey, Ben was under dressed too, so at least we matched.
neutral outfit white pantsThe last day of vacation, aka: travel day, was a stressful transition back to real life. We flew from Grand Cayman to Charlotte, NC. And there we had a 46 minute layover to get through customs, check back in through security and get to the appropriate distant terminal. We were crazy travelers, running and rushing everywhere. But we boarded with a whole 5 minutes to spare! So we made it home on time and went straight to bed to get some sleep before call the next day (of course!). Vacation pics to come… hopefully!