Designing a Bohemian Bedroom

We’re in the process of decorating our new place. I’d say its going well, overall. Its going slowly, but that’s to be expected (or so I tell myself). One area that needs a whole lot of work is the bedroom. I had no idea what to do with it when we first moved in. I spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing bedrooms on pinterest (I’m that person staring at my phone while walking the halls, intermittently tripping on my own feet). I’ve decided that I’m most attracted to bohemian themed bedrooms. Is that weird?

bohemian style bedroom I love the uniqueness of this style -it makes everything else seem pretty boring in comparison! And I love that you can add just a touch of bohemian flare or go all out! Anthropologie has been my main source of inspiration. Unfortunately, most their stuff is crazy expensive, so I won’t be able to use them as my main shopping source (although some house & home items just went to sale, stunning eye candy omg).

The hardest thing about this type of style is finding a way to bring everything together. Its so much easier with traditional looks! I’ve been struggling with this for a while now. I’ve decided to stick with traditional main furniture (this bed frame and this leather stand up mirror that I’ve had for a few years). I’m leaning towards adding just one really interesting piece of furniture. This Kilim bench from Overstock is #1 on the list right now (if it ever goes on sale). It has so many colors that I could pick any similarly faded colors for decor and it would bring the whole room together. I think?

After I commit to my main item, then I’ll get to play with the fun little details! I add plants to almost every room of my house. They’re just so relaxing! You can’t go wrong with a small collection of plants in beautiful vintage -style pots (I love expressive pots too,  but I worry they’ll look too cluttered?). I also plan to add texture somehow, whether that be with a carved lamp, high-fringe blanket or almost-too-embroidered pillow. Even tiny details will make a big difference. Like replacing boring old dresser knobs with something a little more exciting! I’ve been debating whether or not forest critter knobs goes too far (but they’re so cute… the filigree knobs might be a safer choice, I already bought some for other furniture around the house).

I’ll be sure to update with pictures after everything starts coming together (my other rooms too, even though they’re much less exciting)!