Life Lately

Most of the time residency life is so busy that I don’t realize what’s going on. Outside of work I do basic things like eat, sleep, exercise and hopefully keep the house reasonably clean. So during the occasional “slow” month, I try to get caught up with everything else and get my life organized. Slow month = right now.

This is the perfect time for an easy month – there’s so much else going on!

One big upcoming change for me is moving from my small studio apartment into a house (yay!). The rental market is surprisingly tight here in Minneapolis. Ben and I searched for houses for months. Most of the houses were either disgusting or ridiculously expensive (>3k per month). And even most of those were rented in 1-3 days! I got to the point where I was so compulsive about checking rental sites for new listings that I found I was looking 5+ times per day. Luckily it paid off! We managed to find the perfect smaller home in a great area at a price we could afford. The move in date is June 1, its coming up quickly!

Packing and moving is always a hassle, but this move will be especially painful. But for good reasons! Despite our best efforts, the only week that Ben and I coordinate vacation time together this year was the last week of May. We knew we’d likely have to relocate around that time, but we weren’t willing to give up our one and only opportunity for vacation. So, despite knowing that traveling would likely lead to a messy move, we decided to book vacation… the Cayman islands (in only two weeks)!!

Velvet top (striped version still available), Gucci pants, Birkenstock sandals, Fendi bag
With vacation coming up, I’ve been searching my closet for vacation-worthy items. There aren’t many, I have to say. I have a pretty decent work wardrobe, but my casual wear is lacking, and my summer casual wear is essentially non-existent. Bummer. Time for a little shopping, I suppose. The main thing I wanted to buy was lounge wear. I’ll probably spend about 80% of the day in lounge wear or swim wear, and maybe 20% in regular clothes for dinner or something. So lounge clothes seem like a good investment (plus they’ll get a ton of use back home). I wanted something that could double as a swimsuit coverup. I spent some time browsing Shopbop’s massive swim collection, mostly because I had a gift certificate to use up. I was leaning towards this black caftan, but ultimately decided that it was too exclusively beach-y/vacation-y. I played with the idea of a cute and functional romper cover-up, but I just am not brave enough to try the whole romper trend, partially because I have to pee like 15 times per day (ugh what a hassle, haha). I ultimately decided to grab an Eberjey tunic. My gosh, that things looks so comfy I can’t handle it! And I love the flattering cut and front tie. I’ve never tried anything from that company before, but it looks like amazing lounge wear! I wanna grab a pair of their shorts too, I just can’t decide on whether the pink glow or the sky would be more versatile.

Thinking about vacation and has been a much needed motivating factor for kick-starting healthy habits, specifically my diet! Like many others, I typically try to eat mostly healthy food and avoid junk food, but I’m only partially successful. A few weeks ago I decided that I really needed to tone up, so I did the only thing that works for me: tracking what I eat. I’ve used weight watchers in the past with good success, but I wasn’t excited about paying for it. So I finally joined my fitness pal. I’m loving this app, its so easy to use! What wasn’t easy was changing all of the bad habits I didn’t even realize I’d picked up. My portion sizes were too large, my sugar and fat intake was too high and my protein intake was way too low. The first few days of diet modification were the worst, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it now!

Whew, this post got long! Other blabbering will have to wait, it seems. Have a good week!