Trying Not to Let Yourself Go

Time continues to fly by. But that’s not that bad. It means that I’m closer to finishing residency. Sometimes I feel like I can balance everything and don’t mind the “challenges” of residency. But during the busy busy months, I lose all semblance of balance. Each day is the same: wake up… get dressed… go to work and work hard… go home… work out if possible… shower… sleep. Most special occasions go by without notice – birthdays, holidays, popular sporting events, weddings, baby showers… Some people say that wishing for time to pass is bad. I wouldn’t say I’m wishing this time in my life away, but I will say I won’t be the least bit sad on my last day of residency.

draped asymmetric long sleeve shirt
Like I said, I try to find balance, and a huge part of “balance” is self-care. But everything must get prioritized, and as I’ve mentioned before, health and fitness are my number one priority. So when I absolutely have to, things like shaving, cutting/coloring my hair, doing my nails and essentially making myself even the least bit presentable get put on hold. But, I have been saving like crazy (no time to spend!), so I have some extra money sitting around for some pampering and some shopping! So after these next two weeks of craziness pass, I’ll be all ready to start fixing myself up! I’ve already made appointments for, uh, everything (you probably don’t want details, haha). And new items are slowly making their way into my closet. I’d been waiting for the Elsie Pumps to come in a d’Orsay version for months and it finally happened! I picked up the nude suede pair (because I’m not cool enough to try the cracked foil ones, I’ll just continue to stare at them thanks). I’m ridiculously excited for them! And because I had some extra money on that gift card, I have a metallic tee coming my way as well (I’m thinking it’ll dress up perfectly for work). I’m still on the fence about which flats to get this spring. I was certain I was going to get the bohemian espadrilles I mentioned in my last post… until I saw their cheaper cousins on Yoox. And from there I came across these spider moccasins (all the same brand), which most people would hate but I love. Weird, yes. Maybe I’ll just buy them all and do the return-what-doesn’t-work thing (hopefully something doesn’t work…). I do have the extra money at the moment. Hmmm, ok fine, I’ve convinced myself (that wasn’t hard, lol)!