My Most Worn Shoes

I just started my taxes yesterday. Tax season always makes me a little more money conscious. On top of it being tax season, I just bought a new (used, of course) car. The combination of these two things is making me hesitate before each and every purchase. Especially non-necessities. For instance, I really want to make a few new (winter-y? spring-y?) additions to my closet to help get myself through these dreary months (because it doesn’t get nice here until around… When? May? Ugh.). I’ve worn and re-worn my winter items so often. But new clothing purchases are just so hard to justify! Even with gift card money. Bah.

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This anti-spending mentality makes me even more determined to only buy and keep items that I love. I’m starting a substantial closet cleanout right now to make some room and money for potential new additions this spring (I’m only allowed to spend as much as I make selling for the next year… all of my other funds are already accounted for!). When I think about what in my wardrobe gets the most use, a few things come to mind. We can start at the bottom, I suppose (and do a post on the other stuff later!). So shoes. I get a ton of use out of all of my Elsie pumps. I wear these at least 50% of the time. The suede versions are stunning and hold up surprisingly well. My leftover gift card money might eventually have to go to the rose blossom color. But the leather version is also great. At first I thought these would be less comfy than the suede, but I was wrong! They’re perfect. I regret not getting the misty green when they were on sale for just over $100 a few weeks back (I was still in the winter-colors-only mentality, I think). Because I can’t handle heels every day (although sometimes I try), I have a few pairs of super comfy go-to flats as well. AGL is still my favorite brand for flats. Nothing beats their basic ballerina flats. Oh my gosh comfortable. If I ever have any extra money (or find some on eBay), I’m going to snatch up their pointy toe version, which looks a bit more streamlined. My other favorite flats recently (also pointy toed!) are Vince’s Nina flat (got mine for 70% off, now 45-50% off) and J. Crew’s Harper Cutout flat. Both are beautiful and comfy, although the Nina Flat did require some break in time. I think I might grab some pointy toe mules when warmer weather hits (either this tassel version or a woven version like these).

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How about you? What are your most worn (and likely most comfortable) shoes? Have you tried the ones I mentioned? If so, what have your experiences been with them?