Heating Up

I know some people tolerate… or even like winter here in the Midwest. Not me, no no. Every winter I struggle to maintain any bits of warmth (and sanity). Hot yoga and I become even closer friends. I turn the heat up in my studio to 75-80 degrees just to un-thaw. And when it gets really bad I even allow myself a trip to the tanning salon (about once every few months, I know, its bad). Notice my not-so-subtle burn? Bah. But today, it finally warmed up. It was amazing!!

American Retro Cardigan; John Richmond Shirt (similar in a different colorway), J. Crew Pants, J. Crew Shoes (loving the backless version), Fendi Bag
All anyone was talking about today was how nice the weather was! I clearly am not the only excited one. Warm weather is just so motivating. For the first time in many many months I have the urge to wear something that doesn’t involve toasty pajamas (or layers of scrubs… same thing). I’m craving bright colors… but “settling” with fun patterns (because my color craving is always so temporary!). I’m loving ikat prints, like this comfy sweater and these adorable sandals. Those patterns just make me undeniably happy! Of course, spring always makes me crave beautiful but subtle and versatile floral prints, like this casual tank or this wear-to-work shell. And not exactly a pattern, but gentle metallic-y items are on my radar too, like this linen tee. Hopefully I can grab some extra shifts in these upcoming months to have some extra spending money!

I suppose I should go to sleep. Motivated to blog on a work day… see what I mean about warm weather motivation? Crazy! 🙂