Focusing on diet and exercise

Winters are always a little hard for me to get through, especially January and February. November and December have holidays (and holiday sales!) to make them more appealing. But come January, all of the holiday excitement is over, but three more long months of cold and darkness remain. But, instead of giving in to my desire to curl up on the couch and stuff my face with comfort food, I make it a priority to stay as healthy as possible.

The best way to keep your body healthy is to watch what you put into it, which is obviously easier said than done. I don’t follow any specific diet but focus on doing the following two things: I try to incorporate vegetables into every single meal. And I try to avoid refined sugars and grains. I kind of think of my diet as a modified Paleo diet, one that allows cheese and wine (because I refuse to give these up). As such, I find a ton of inspiration around the interwebs, because Paleo is apparently the cool thing to do (I just try to avoid the crazy cult talk). Those bloggers are great… they’ve convinced my to branch out in the kitchen! Two of my favorite new appliance additions are the Spiralizer (aka, zucchini noodle maker… love) and the Vitamix (macho blender for perfect daily green smoothies). And my favorite newly discovered ingredients are coconut flour (for grain-free muffins likes these), dates (because raw “brownie” bites are better than actual brownies) and vanilla paste (better than vanilla extract, I’m still amazed). With healthy, delicious recipes to try all the time, I don’t find eating healthy foods (and avoiding the unhealthy ones) as difficult as I used to.

plaid scarf and gray trench coat
Along with eating healthy comes exercising. It took me many years to get a workout routine down after quitting soccer after college, but I have a pretty good routine now. I get a workout in nearly every day. While perhaps not the ideal solution, regularly buying new workout clothes helps keep me motivated (I regularly sell to justify it!). I’ve tried so many brands of athletic apparel, but keep coming back to Lululemon. Other companies are improving, but Lululemon’s staples are still the most flattering and comfortable. I’m a fan of the basic WU crop for on the bottom (though I do have to do the bend test to check for sheerness), and a flow-Y bra and CRB on the top (plus this rulu long sleeve if I’m practicing at room temp). It doesn’t get better than that.

burberry gray trench coat
How are you doing with diet an exercise this winter? Anything you’ve found to be helpful and motivational?