Stay Healthy

Me vs. evil winter virus. I’m finally winning (after about 5 days of battle)! The viruses are really bad this year. All sorts of fevers, chills and night sweats (those are the worst) on top of the regular URI stuff. I spent my thanksgiving weekend alone, mostly sleeping. I felt like I was hit by a bus. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this week is my planned vacation. I’ll apparently spend it recovering.

While being only half-alive did keep me from going to any in-store sales, it didn’t stop me from turning on my pc every 4-6 hours (about the time my meds wore off) to browse the online sales stuff. I’ve received a few items so far. Some are keepers, some will go back without a second thought! I’ll share the good ones…

plaid coat
Rachel Zoe Coat, J. Crew Shirt, J. Crew Pants, J. Crew Shoes, Celine Bag, Gucci Scarf
I do a good amount of J. Crew shopping during the holidays when the sales are good and the prices are reasonable. I’ve bought a few more than a few pairs of elsie pumps so far this fall (beige suede, black suede, black/white plaid fabric and pink leather). I love them all… they’ve added so much to my wardrobe! I decided to add one last pair to the collection this weekend… metallic camo! I’d love to wear these with black trousers and a neutral top! I’m selling a bunch of less comfortable pumps to make way for these (no point in having gorgeous yet uncomfortable shoes sitting in the closet). I also grabbed a boyfriend flannel shirt (great for layering or wearing alone and surprisingly flattering), the shearling-lined sweatshirt (not overly flattering, but adorable in a cozy sort of way) and the oversize stripe turtleneck (love the style and fit, quality is just ok). I do have a few basic items on the way: the Thomas mason boy shirt and the Thomas mason french cuff shirt. I love a flattering plain white blouse!

My other go-to holiday retailer is Yoox offers designer items at deeply discounted prices (items that make it to the end-of-season sales are eventually are 80% off). The items are typically a season or so old, which isn’t a big deal to me. I typically shop for high quality, classic items (black pants, cashmere sweaters, etc). I have a few pairs of black wool pants on there way right now! They’re offering an extra 25% off today, and I’m debating trying out a few new sweaters (I’m thinking this toasty Golden Goose turtleneck or something similarly cozy)… I can always return them when I realize I’ve overspent. Or step up my eBay selling!

I hope you had a good (perhaps long?) weekend! Make sure you take care of yourself and stay healthy 🙂