Surprisingly Comfortable Pointy Toe Pumps

I absolutely adore sky-high heels… on others. Sadly, I find them nearly unwearable for me these days. Such high heels are just not comfortable (at least without an obnoxiously high platform). I’m not willing to sacrifice my comfort (and foot bone integrity) for “style.” I’ve come to appreciate the slightly lower (~3.5″ heel). Not only are these immensely more comfortable, they’re also work appropriate. An added bonus? Since all of my heels hover around the same height now, I can hem my pants to the same length and not have to worry about which shoes go with which pair. Whew, less thought required in the morning!

most comfortable heels
Finding comfortable, classy pumps is a serious challenge, though. I’ve gone through a lot of pairs… I can’t even count how many pairs I have returned or sold over the years! But I have managed to find some keepers. So, based on my experiences (and supported by many positive reviews), here are my TOP SIX favorite, surprisingly comfortable pairs of pointy toe pumps (from $ to $$$).

ann taylor norahAnn Taylor Norah – Remember back when Ann Taylor had the all-popular Perfect Pump? I loved those. Sadly, they were discontinued (why??). Ann Taylor has since come out with a number of replacements (some good, some not so good). Their recent hit is the Norah Leather Pointy Heels. They are quite the comfortable pump with their manageable 3.5″ heel, padded footbed and wider toe box for extra toe room (no squished toes!). They retail for $138, but you can frequently find them on sale for at least 50% off. Probably one of the best heels on the market in this price range as far as quality goes. Cons? They only come in a textured leather with few color options. (FYI, I got a size 6, tts)

_9154962Louise et Cie Hermosah – If you haven’t heard of this brand, its an off-shoot of the Vince Camuto brand. Similar to the VC brand, this brand makes more affordable versions of popular high end styles. They have a few pumps in the 3.5″ height that are worth checking out. My favorite is the Hermosah pump, a d’Orsay style. I already have a black d’Orsay pump, so I didn’t take these home. They’ll cost you $117.95 or less if you find them on sale. Cons? Again, only available in textured leather and few color options! (FYI, these fit best in 6, tts to slightly big)

elsieJ. Crew Elsie – J. Crew has had some excellent pumps over the years! Last year’s hit was the Everly pumps (I have them in rose gold). This year J. Crew is going for a sleeker, sexier version of the Everly called the Elsie pump. I adore these. They have a surprisingly high ~3.9″ heel, but you’d never know it. The shoe is amazingly easy to walk in. These also feature a wider toe box to eliminate toe compression. I wore these for 10 hours without any break-in period (I am on my feet a lot!) and was only mildly sore on the balls of my feet by the end of the day. I threw a pair of foot petals in the foot bed and they’re now impressively comfortable. Sadly, these will run you $245 (and they’ve been excluded from every J. Crew sale thus far). Cons? These only come in suede leather and prints/ metallics thus far. (FYI, I got a size 6.5, 1/2 size up/ normal J. Crew size)

vinceVince Claire – They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Vince’s Claire pump gives an interesting twist to the typical d’Orsay pump. They have a slightly shorter heel at 3.25″, and a somewhat higher vamp, perfect for those who aren’t fans of toe cleavage. Vince’s shoes are typically very well made and quite comfortable, and these are no exception. I haven’t personally pulled the trigger on these because I’m opting for the flat version in the future! Cost is $375. Cons? Besides the cost, you’ll have to make sure the vamp hits at a comfortable spot! (FYI, Vince typically runs TTS, although I haven’t tried this style on!)

jimmy choo abel pumpJimmy Choo Agnes & Abel – Jimmy Choo’s Agnes and Abel pumps are both exceptionally stunning and comfortable. The Abel is the slightly taller version at 4″ and the Agnes is slightly shorter at 3.5″. They both have an extremely similar cut to J. Crew’s Elsie pump, and the same wide toe box (perfect for a foot cushion)! Definitely wear all day comfortable (the Agnes is more comfortable for me). They each come in all sorts of colors from basic nude or black to vibrant pinks and blues, to studded, velvety pieces of art. Cons? You’ll be paying a small fortune for these at $595… Unless you sniff out a great sale or pick them up on eBay like I did! (FYI, I got a 36, tts)

prada pointy toe pumpPrada Pointy Toe Pump Prada is well known for their comfortable flats and heels. Of course they have a stunning and classic version of the pointy toe pump! This mid-height pump features a slightly more substantial 3.25″ to 3.5″ heel and wider toe box for all day comfort. It comes in a variety of beautiful neutral colors and leathers. They’ll cost you a lot of money at $650 per pair. Cons? Nothing but the price (and finding classic prada pumps on sale is not easy!). (FYI, I typically take a 36 in Prada, tts)

Feel free to share your favorite brands of comfy pumps 🙂