Blogging… it feels so good to blog again!! Its been a while. Usually I can sneak in a post or two even when I’m on a difficult ward block. Not this time. This month was definitely busy and physically demanding, but more significantly, it was emotionally draining. I had next-to-nothing left when I got home every night. It took all of my remaining energy to drag myself to a much needed yoga brain-cleanse. And after that, I passed out. That essentially sums up my month of absence.

ETRO shirt
But this month is a recovery month. A relaxing, low demand “elective” block. Finally! What better way to start it off than to put some clothes on?!? My wardrobe has been slowly expanding these last few months through the combination of avoiding my semi-annual closet clean-out and intermittently acquiring excellent eBay finds… excellent in my opinion, anyway!  This is another outfit composed entirely of pre-owned goodies. I think the pumps are my favorite – they’re just so pretty!! They don’t exactly qualify as comfortable quite yet, but I’m grabbing some foot petals to see if they help (usually they do). I can’t believe how much these shoes retail for, I mean, you’d think they’d be like walking on clouds for that price?

scarf print shirt
ETRO shirt, DSquared2 skirt, Manolo Pumps, Fendi handbag
I’ve found that one of the good things about shopping on eBay is that I tend to avoid trendy (and typically unflattering) items. I just, well, buy what I like! I buy items that I think will be flattering on me, not what looks flattering on the tall J. Crew models  or any of the many gorgeous bloggers that I follow. I’ve found I’m attracted to certain things. Fun prints, like on this blouse, is one of those things. This blouse is by ETRO, a brand I love to admire, but only from afar (stunning patterns – completely in love with this blouse). Their retail price is absurd. Another attraction of mine is black. Boring but classic. Trousers, sweaters, leather pants, suede heels… gosh I love black. You’ll be seeing much more black on this blog, I apologize in advance.

draped neck top with skirt
I haven’t been keeping up with networking and socializing as much as I’d like, but I really hope that you are doing well, relaxing when you can, and trying to enjoy life as much as possible. I hope your week is off to a good start… happy Monday!

Alright, first comeback blog post done! 🙂