Its Not a Problem

Its not a “problem,” its a process. This is your chance to practice.Ā 

Many of us view things that dissatisfy us as problems. Need examples? Here are mine: My thighs aren’t toned enough. I’m not studying as much as I should. I’m not saving enough money. I’m not finding time to blog. I’m letting myself get upset from work stress… I could go on, but I’ll spare you. When I find that any of these thoughts are floating around more often than I’d like, I give them some direct attention. I think about what the problem really is, and why I think its a problem. Then I think of what I’m doing to change it. Am I doing enough already or is there something else I should be doing? Its a process. Things don’t just happen, I need to practice.

This mindset helps put me more at ease. I’m not “settling” and just accepting where I am. But I am aware of where I am, and know that I have the ability to change who I will be tomorrow, in a month, or in ten years. Its a healthier way to view these dissatisfying aspects of life, and to take control over them. At least in my opinion!

Ā Lace Sweatshirt
Dolce & Gabbana Sweater (great solid colored alternative), Mother jeans (non-destroyed version), J. Crew Pumps (my favorite J. Crew pumps yet, actually… so comfy), Celine Mini Luggage

That’s my bit of yoga-inspired blabber for today šŸ™‚ I’m continuing on my recovery month… which hasn’t been so relaxing thus far (I decided to pick up some moonlighting shifts that ended up being nice and busy). Today was my first day not working. It was amazing. I cleaned! And grocery shopped. And took blog pictures. And napped! And exercised. And ate too much pizza… it was a good day! I almost feel like a real person again. The next three days will be spent getting some studying in for my USMLE exam on Monday & Tuesday. Bah, I hate long exams. By the end of the day my butt is numb and my right hand feels like it developed arthritis.

Celine Bag
Clothes! I’m getting excited about clothes again. Its been so long since I’ve worn regular clothes that it takes me a ridiculously long time to find an outfit to wear (that doesn’t involve black). I really love this sweater that I bought a while back (on eBay, of course). But its surprisingly difficult to pair with (perhaps a solid version would have been better… like this beautiful LOFT one?). I think this bi-color sweatshirt looks lovely with a pair of black trousers for work (black black blaaaaaack!!!), but finding pants to pair it with beyond that is difficult for me. IĀ  got these Mother jeans a while back for super cheap ($20-something shipped… here’s the non-ripped version). They were sitting on the top of my jeans pile, so I decided that, whether or not they match the sweatshirt, they will be worn! And there you have it. This is why I could never maintain a “real” fashion blog.

Pink Lace Sweatshirt
Whew, I wrote a book-of-a-post today. Don’t know how that happened. Maybe I’m just subconsciously trying to avoid studying. Hmmm, yeah, that’s probably it. That’s all for now then, I suppose. Thanks for stopping by!