Creating outfits takes too much brain power

Notice my recent outfit trend: black. Lots of black. That’s what happens when I’m too exhausted to create anything better. The past few months have been busy. This past month’s schedule consisted of alternating day and night shifts in one week intervals. I’m actually a fan of night shifts (although 14 hour night shifts can be a bit long). But I’m not a fan of how the switching back and forth messes up my naturally happy and harmonious sleep cycle. Crabby recently? Why, yes.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve put on real person clothes in quite some time. Granted, I only got to wear them for a few hours before having to go in for my 1-11pm moonlighting shift. But it still counts! This top is yet another recent eBay find. Its such a great staple and is so perfectly comfortable. I love the little ruffles and ruching, too! I would never pay anywhere close to retail price for a simple Prada tank top, but I’m happy to have found this one for $40-something. I’ve gotten a few other surprisingly nice items recently, too. Many of them need a cleaning or a simple hemming before they’ll make there way to the blog, though! But I’m so happy with the quality of these items that a little alteration is completely reasonable.

black tank
Even though I’m having a good amount of success on eBay (summer time is the best time to find deals), I’m starting to get interested in a few retails items now, too. I recently mentioned really wanting some d’Orsay flats. Well… I got some (well, ordered them, at least). I was browsing some sites when I came across the Manolo Soussa flats on Bergdorf Goodman’s site for $290. Naturally, they were sold out in my size. So, I decided to try my luck at the price match game… success!! Neiman Marcus price matched them for me. They should arrive in a week or so. I really really hope they fit. If they don’t, I’ll be stalking Vince’s Nina flat, which seems comfortable, but has a slightly more masculine shape than I’d prefer.

The thought of (or fear of?) fall and cooler weather has me starting to long for some comfy cozy clothes, too. Like flannel. Polka dot flannel, to be specific. This shirt from J. Crew is next up on the wishlist (thank you J. Crew for finally coming out with some good items!). Its rare that flannel doesn’t look, well, like flannel.

Pretty, layer-able tanks and tees are also getting my attention. I usually don’t like print tees, but I’ve seen some super cute ones (this man with his dog is my favorite). I’d totally be able to wear a shirt like that with some black trousers and a white cardigan. More likely I’ll go for something paisley or floral or something, but maybe one or two fun tees this fall wouldn’t be unreasonable? I think I hold off buying any fall clothes for a while until I see what comes out and how the sales are looking. Too early to buy just yet!