Achieving Completeness – Yoga Philosophy

Once in a while, one of my many yoga instructors teaches a philosophy that really intrigues me. Such was the case recently. This instructor lectured on the philosophy of how to “achieve completeness.”  She explained that many of us think that, to become complete in life, we must achieve x, y and z (career, house, wardrobe, car, spouse, kids, etc…). I know that mindset all too well. I can’t count the times I’ve thought, I’ll be happier if/when… fill in the blank.  She argued that this mindset will not be successful. Instead, we should learn to let go. What does she mean by that?

Spring Plaid
She encourages us to let go of things that “do not serve you.” Things like negative people, anxiety-provoking websites like facebook, or items that cause distress like yoga shorts that emphasize cellulite. Things like distressing thoughts of negative comments from others, scenarios that went unfavorably, or any of the many what-if cases we obsess over. These things don’t contribute to our happiness and sense of completeness. And when there is less negative, by default, life will be better.