This past month I’ve been taking advantage of my new “PGY2” status by picking up some moonlighting shifts. Sure, this means I have even less free time than usual, but it means I have some extra spending money! So I’ve been a bit more lenient with my clothing/ shoes spending recently. Most things are in the return pile, but I have found a few items that meet the quality/comfortable/flattering criteria. The first two items were last minute add-ons to my Nordstrom order of workout clothes (FYI, Zella leggings are just as great as the 1000 reviews say). I mentioned before that I’m really running low on knit tops, so I grabbed the white long sleeve tee and black long sleeve turtleneck by Majestic. These are expensive for plain shirts, but oh my gosh are they flattering! And the material is so soft and comfortable. These are the boring types of shirts that get excessive wear because they’re just so versatile. Hopefully they hold up well to washing!

more stripes
Ann Taylor shirt, J. Crew pants, J. Crew shoes, Celine bag
My other I-didn’t-know-I-needed-these purchase was these pumps from J. Crew. They’re called the Elsie pump, which must be the next version of the Everly. J. Crew shoes are hit or miss for me. These Elsie’s are definitely a hit… they’re so comfortable! I actually wore them to work this past week without any attempt at breaking them in. After 10+ hours of walking around the hospital I still had no foot pain and no blisters. I’ll probably throw a foot petals in the bottom like I do for all of my pumps, but they’re even fine without it. I’m for sure getting these in other colors when they hit sale! And I hope they have a sale soon, because they just came out with adorable flats! Love the scallops on the Harper flats (but comfy?), and have been looking for a comfy pair of d’Orsy flats like these for months! I’ll post better reviews when I have a little time. For now,  off to bed! Have a good weekend 🙂