Less Than Two Weeks Left

Intern year. The end is finally in sight! Since we technically started a week “early” last year, we get an unpaid week off between our first and second PG year, which is in just over a week. At this point, paid or not, I’ll take any time off (two weeks of vacation was not enough!). This year has been busy, as one would expect. And I’m eager to get away for a week. It doesn’t even matter where away is. I’m excited to sleep! To see my friends… outside of work. To catch up with my family. And to relax with the boyfriend. For this vacation, I have no goals. There is no “to do” list. Enough of that. I’ve found that whenever I make a large list of things I must accomplish, things never get done anyway. And then I feel guilty about wasting so much time! But that’s silly. Relaxing, enjoying company and being present is quite the opposite of wasting time. Its what matters most.

Since I haven’t gotten out much recently, I’ve been doing a fair bit of hallway shopping (online phone shopping as I’m walking from one side of the hospital to the other). Yeah, its a bad habit. My absolute favorite purchase I’ve made recently has been these black wedge See by Chloe boots. Yes I know, its not boot season, but winter always returns. And when its does, I doubt I’ll find boots I love for 70% off. If you’re a boot person and boots aren’t already overwhelming your closet, check out the end of season sales on Amazon. I’m so close to grabbing the DVF Paula Chelsea Boot at 70% off as well, but I doubt I wear dresses enough to justify them (they only go with dresses in my mind). Lots of other good deals are floating around, too, especially season old (but still classic) colors of comfy Frye boots (Paige Studded Boot at 67% off, Melissa Logo Boot at 63% off, Pippa Back Zip at 50% off…).

day 19

Other than those boots, I really haven’t had too much shopping success recently. I’m trying to be picky, but maybe I’m being too picky. I must have bought 15 items from Ann Taylor this month, and I returned everything but the Mixed Media Button Down Shell (which is admittedly quite nice, I’ve already dressed up and down – good buy). I’ve had a J. Crew order or two, but everything except their boring Suiting tank (I really needed a fitted, opaque white tank) has gone back. I’ve even browsed Shopbop, Piperlime, Outnet… nothing is catching my eye. Maybe I’ll just go back to buying more workout clothes (comfy, machine washable and wear-to-work-with-scrubs). Perhaps its time I gave in and got the 5/5 star-rated Heavenly Hail Hoodie and Shimmy Short that have been sitting in my virtual shopping cart for months…