Use This Between Highlights!!

I’ve been highlighting my hair for years. My brown hair looks dramatically better with the addition of some dimension and movement (believe me, I’ve tried to dye it back to a solid brown many, many times). The obvious problem with highlights is that they grow out. After 6-8 weeks that 1″ of dark roots really makes a not-so-pretty statement. But not many people want or can get to the salon regularly. And even if we could, frequent highlights do damage to our hair and our bank accounts. I’ve recently found a colorist that I’m going to keep (even now that she’s transferring to a farther away salon). She does a great highlight/ lowlight combo that blends everything in beautifully instead of the regular highlight, which makes the ends always significantly lighter than the roots. Last appointment she mentioned this conditioner. Its part of Aveda’s color conditioner line. They’re amazing (well, I can only speak for the brunette option, but there are favorable reviews for the blonde/gray, blonde, auburn/red and dark brown/black variations as well).

Using this is so simple. I wait until my highlights are starting to fade after a month or two. Then, before I shower one day, I put this goop through my dry hair and work it in everywhere. I tie up my hair in a knot, wash off my hands (this stuff can stain) and hop in the shower. I do my regular shower things, and when I’m done I wash this out of my hair. If my hair hadn’t been washed in a few days, I’ll do my regular shampoo with a deep conditioner (otherwise just re-condition). There! All done. My hair picks up this color and makes my highlights darker/ richer to blend in with my roots. My highlight line is gone, and I can go weeks and weeks before “needing” another highlight. I’m doing this right now and my hair looks this gorgeous, right dark brown with some now subtle highlights showing through. If my face wasn’t still so swollen I’d show pics. I’ll put some up at a later date, promise 🙂

FYI, Aveda has great customer service, so if you use one of these and don’t like it, no worries! It’ll was out after a few washes (maybe try it first on wet hair and see how your hair responds… I did this!) and Aveda will just refund you. If you’re not making the free shipping cutoff for Aveda, I just found out that Nordstrom carries these, too (yay free shipping/ free returns!). Let me know if you’ve tried these out and what you think!