First Encounter with Athleta

Happy May! I didn’t realize how long it’d been since my last post, but my goodness, its finally warm outside so it must have been a long time! We got quite busy on wards the past few months. Lots of patients, lots of learning. Not too much else. But its finally been slowing down the past week or so. And now that I’m on vacation this week I’m catching up on things that get easily put aside. Like this blog.

So I clearly don’t shop (or get dressed) as much as I used to, which makes blogging a bit more challenging. I’m doing a lot more saving for somewhat larger purchases instead. Like that Costa Rica vacation with my brother! Or the rhinoplasty/septoplasty I had this past Monday (What?? More on this later…). I’ll eventually be getting a new bag, but that’s way down on the priority list.

athleta tops

Just briefly I’ll share the few purchases I’ve made (and loved) in the last few weeks. I finally dove into the land of Athleta. I can’t believe I didn’t check out their stuff before! The first item I bought (that sucked me in) was this scoop neck cocoon sweatshirt. It doesn’t look like much, but its the comfiest thin-sweatshirt material, and it has the perfect drape if you’re a fan of skinnies or leggings. I had to buy both colors of this one, I want to wear it every day. The other top that impressed me was the ahimsa top. Same deal, just a soft, flattering top to dress up or down. I’m typically an xs in Athleta, but sized down to an xxs for this one. Their no sweatin’ it sharkbite top will be my next purchase, but its back-ordered in my size until July, so no rush on this one.

As for that rhinoplasty/ septoplasty thing, I’ll post more on it in the upcoming days. Its been a rough recovery so far, actually. I’ll post my thoughts and details about getting it done and the recovery, and I’ll even post my exciting post-op pics where I look like a sweaty, sad panda. I doubt most of you would be too interested in it, but I want to put it out there just in case. 🙂