Favorite Swimwear – Summer 2014

I started looking at swimwear back in February after my Costa Rica trip (when I noticed how awful my old bikinis fit…). Shopping for swimming stuff is the worst! I couldn’t decide on anything, so I put that mission aside for a while and just recently readdressed it. I looked through so many suits, its ridiculous. I browsed Victorias Secret swim collection first. They do have some cute bikinis, like this ruffle halter/ hipster suit or this white lace bikini set. But looking at their models modeling swimwear made me slightly uncomfortable. Plus there were no sales at the time. And I refuse to buy from VS when I have to pay full price plus their ridiculous shipping costs. I next scrutinized every suit from Athleta, because I’d heard really positive reviews. If you’re looking for a sporty, good-coverage suit, definitely check them out (they’re actually having one of their rare tiered sales right now with code SUMMER). As funny as it sounds, their suits have just a bit too much coverage for me! So I kept searching.

Um, by the way, the contrast between VS models’ vibes and Athleta models’ vibes is crazy (as demonstrated below…).

And so I came back to Shopbop and their 2000 pieces of swimwear. Its overwhelming. After much deliberation I picked out two suits, hoping at least one would work out. Well, I love them both. Hate when that happens. The first suit was a black/ orange/ white stripe bikini by Vix. I sized up to a small given my past experiences and the model’s size and dimensions (love that Shopbop gives that!). I didn’t want to love this one, but I did. It just fit well! The top was flattering and comfortable and the bottoms have decent coverage and allow for moderate amounts of activity. The other suit I picked out was this ruffly black bikini by Luli Fama (never heard of them before). I wanted to try bottoms with small ruffles in the back to camouflage the indent that happens where the bottom swimsuit edge cut into my butt (if that makes sense). Well, these bottoms do that and more. They actually don’t even really have an elastic seam at the edge, but they stay in place due to the ruffles and ruching. They have really light coverage (much lighter than I’m used to), but they’re crazy flattering! This suit is more for very easy outdoors stuff like paddle-boarding or sitting by the beach. If I ever look decent again I’ll consider taking some pictures (it definitely helps to see swimwear on non-models!!). Until then, professional pics it is. I have to say, I love the neutrality of Shopbop pictures.

my swimwear picks
What have your go-to shops been for swimwear?