Rainforest Yoga

I’ve been doing hot yoga for awhile now, and I can’t say enough good things about what it does for my body and mind. So when I realized that the hotel we were staying at near La Fortuna had an outdoor yoga platform, needless to say I was just a weeeeee bit excited. I practiced at least once per day there. The weather was perfect. And absolutely nothing beats the smell of clean, fresh air.

Yoga 1
Luckily, most of what I packed for the trip was yoga clothes. 🙂 The Lululemon shorts I’m wearing in these pictures are my absolute favorite shorts ever. They’re one of the few items that I didn’t mind shelling out $$$ for. Of course, they’ve since sold out. And I can’t find anything remotely similar. Too bad everyone’s busy making copies of Lulu’s teeny tiny Boogie shorts (Victorias Secret, Under Armour, Zella, Athleta…) instead of these. I tried the Boogie shorts once. My slightly more muscular thighs cause those things to ride up. A lot. Kinda ruins my concentration when I’m flashing the other 50 people in class.

Yoga 2
So it might be true that I browsed yoga clothes rather frequently while on vacation. To be fair, I was stuck in a few airports due to cancelled flights. I had to do something to take my mind off of those crappy schedule changes that caused me to get only a few hours of sleep on the last two days of my week long vacation. Too bad I didn’t just buy the worse tickets right away and save myself $200 (who’s crabby??). Anyway, as I was browsing, I noticed how similar retailers are becoming. Its like they’re all copying each other or something (or copying Lululemon’s most popular styles). Take for example LLL and Athleta. Run swiftly tee vs. Fast track tee (similar cut, details and “silver anti-stink” technology). Speed shorts vs. Home run shorts (the back is nearly identical). Nice asana jacket vs. Booyah Jacket (again, similar cut, details, pockets, thumb holes, material…). The list goes on and on.

Yoga 3 
So I need to find at least a few pieces of workout clothes to put on my birthday wishlist (birthday coming up at the end of the month!). So far I have only one wishlist item for sure, Lucy’s uplifting wrap. If this looks anything like it does on the model, it’d be perfect for the studio or work. I wish it came in more colors, but I’d be ok with the dark gray. Past that I really don’t know. Hopefully something unique and flattering comes out soon (let me know if you’ve seen anything!). Hope your week is off to a good start (its finally getting warm here)!!!