Get out of town

Its finally here. My first vacation of intern year. I flew out of ice-land Minneapolis at 6am on Monday and arrived here in Costa Rica in mid-afternoon. It took my brother and I until midnight to find our hotel in Guanacaste, but thats ok. When we got here we were greeted with this interesting statue below. Wasn’t sure what to make of that. Regardless, we managed to get a few hours of sleep and headed out to the beach first thing in the morning. And both got crispy-burnt. Typical tourists.

costa rica pic

And now I get to unwind with some poolside blogging and shopping 🙂  For my leisurely shopping I apparently immediately gravitated to athletic apparel. I need to expand my tiny collection. I got into Lululemon for a while, but I’ve had to return so many items recently due to defects that I’ve really been a bit put off by them and their hit or miss customer service. I think Zella (Nordstrom’s brand of athletic apparel) has some promising items out right now. And not many retailers can claim better customer service than Nordstrom, so at least if my items are crap I’ll be able to return them!! Their version of yoga leggings has strikingly amazing reviews (seriously, 4.7/5 with >1K reviews…). But the thing is I’m super picky about my leggings. Has anyone tried these?

Zella Pants

Crops #1 // Leggings #2 // Pants #3 // Crops #4 // Crops #5
On a side note, I’m sure everyone already knows this, but Shopbop is having one of their big tiered sales. Most of the time I have a rather extensive Shopbop wishlist, but not recently. A ton of their clothes just aren’t really wearable for me for one reason or another. For example, most of their pants would essentially make me look shorter and/or wider. Like these “schoolboy pants.” Or the massive amount of knit pants resembling pajama bottoms in all sorts of patterns (floral, marbled, confetti…). And shoes. Way chunkier than I’d like to see. Would I really pay over $500 for some platform sandals similar to what I wore in middle school (I remember twisting my ankle in those…). Or how about some 1.3k camo patterned calf hair high top sneakers with gold chain and zipper details? What a deal.

I do love this Velvet maxi dress (similar to my J. Crew Amie stripe maxi dress that I wear all the time in the summer). It has funny ruching in the back, but I’m banking on it being flattering instead of weird. I don’t know what else I’d get to make the $250 cutoff though. Maybe I’ll browse again tonight. Did you pick anything up?