For the home

Its been cold here, apparently colder than usual. When winter was just getting started I was making my best effort to be both warm and stylish. Now its more like warm >>> stylish. I’ve definitely had a shopping lull the past few months. I do buy things, but nearly everything gets returned. I’ll quickly share the two pairs of pants that I’ve kept. I find both of them flattering, comfortable and sturdy (I’ll really try to take some pictures soon now that temps are rising). Both pairs have nearly 5/5 stars from 100+ reviewers. I’d been meaning to try out these stretch leggings since they first appeared, but just got around to it recently. They’re nice, definitely keepers for $30! I mostly wear them under boots. I also picked up these petite modern knit slim pants, which are so so so comfortable and perfect for work. Not the most exciting purchases, just some essentials.

studio decor
Since I’ve been cooped up in my tiny apartment all winter, I got the urge to redecorate! I’m loving how things are coming together. I do the majority of my home goods shopping on I’m rarely disappointed in their products, and they have good customer service if something does go wrong. Anyway, I’ve mainly been focusing on making my “living room” more warm and cozy. A few small changes have made a huge difference. The first thing I did was “upgrade” my rug. I started off with this fun floral hippie rug, but decided to simplify things with this beautiful ivory round rug. Then I grabbed some gorgeous pillows from TJ Maxx (similar to these or these) and some super soft throw blankets from overstock to make my rigid leather furniture a bit more cozy. And then I figured that it was about time I grabbed some wall decor. I’m in love with any and all ‘tree of life’ art. I bought this 24″ diameter one, which is just as stunning as the reviews suggest. There were so many great options to choose from. Some of my other favorites were this ‘uneven boards’ one, which somehow reminds me of The Lion King, and this interesting trio. Lastly, I picked up a stunning mango wood candle set with silver details. These do an amazing job at pulling everything together. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little more ambitious and take some pictures of the new set up! Let me know if you’ve been doing some in home upgrades this winter! Take care.