Saving for big purchases

My recent success with curbing spending is probably more due to long work hours than self control. I haven’t kept up with any shopping blogs, nor have I read any retailer emails about their “can’t miss” sales, nor have I frequented any retailer sites (like I had a bad habit of doing). Its been a nice break for my bank account. Which is good, because I have a few big purchases planned this year! One of which is my upcoming trip to Costa Rica with my brother. Only five more weeks until vacation! I haven’t had vacation since last June. I mean, even having weekends off for a month seems like a vacation for residents (haven’t had that for about three months now…), but a whole week off? Whew, I don’t know if I can handle that. I’m going to be obnoxious-happy-excited. My brother’s gonna hate me.

Stadium Cloth Coccon Coat Petite
J. Crew Coat in 0P (certain colors on sale), Equipment Shirt in xs, Lululemon tights, Stuart Weitzman Boots in 6M (here in black croc for 65% off!), unknown scarf, Celine Mini Luggage bag in Camel

I’ve had a few random days off recently because I’m doing a rotation in the ED, so I’ve been trying to catch up on a little shopping and blogging. I feel so behind! I’ve never not had any items on my wishlist (gosh, what could be worse than not wanting things, lol). Well, this J. Crew coat that I’m wearing in these pics is on my wishlist now. I put up my review a while back but ended up returning the coat because I couldn’t justify the price at the time. But it is a good looking coat, so if the other colors get cheaper, they’re mine (if my size is still left). I also have more Stuart Weitzman boots on my radar. I remember reading reviews of people saying they got great deals on SW boots in the spring, so I’ll be on the lookout for deals for other pairs. A comfy, classic boot is a necessity in this frigid weather! A worthy investment. Amazon has some good deals already on certain styles. The 5050 boot is 25% off in certain colors (gray, bordeaux, etc.) and the demiswoon boot is 25% off in black (sadly, or gratefully, my size is sold out). The boot that’s tempting me is the crushable knee-high boot in black nappa at 57% off. Gah, soooo tempting!! Trying to hold out for the highline boot, but why not just try the other one out in the meantime? Rationalize, Amber. Do you have any wishlist items I can “gain inspiration” from? 🙂

Easy Petite Looks
So, I’m planning on doing a little summary post of my residency experiences thus far. Really, its not that bad. I like what I do, I just don’t like that it completely consumes my life. I know the 80 hour work limit is “generous” compared to past generations work hours. But its still a lot. Seeing friends and family is important to me. Eating healthy and exercising are important to me. And having some hobbies outside of work is important to me. I honestly think I’m a better person and doctor when I have the chance to do these things. *Sigh.* One day.

I hope you’re doing well this winter, its been a long one already!